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Diablo 4 Season 2 The Death Trap Rogue Build Guide

The Death Trap build is all about utilizing the synergy between poison traps and Death Trap to control the battlefield and deal massive damage. This build excels in both crowd control and single-target damage, making it ideal for mid-game content. The best part? It doesn't require any specific uniques to function, just legendaries. Let's dive into the details.


Diablo 4 Season 2 The Death Trap Rogue Build Guide


Skill Points Allocation


Skill Ranks Description
Puncture Basic Skill A versatile choice, especially with the recent changes. Take Enhanced Puncture for bonus energy and Fundamental Puncture for a vulnerable application chance.
Twisting Blades   Your primary damage-dealing ability. Max out all five ranks. Also, invest in Enhanced Twisting Blades for bonus return damage and Improv Twisting Blades to daze enemies.
Sturd Passive 3 For 12% damage reduction from close enemies.
Siphoning Strikes 3 Provides an 85% lucky hit chance against close enemies, restoring 3% of your maximum life.
Shadow Step   Offers an Unstoppable proc and bonus crit chance. Also, take Enhanced Shadow Step for increased crit chance and Disciplined Shadow Step to reduce cooldown when hitting an enemy that hasn't been hit by Shadow Step in the last 4 seconds.
Weapon Mastery 1 Choose 15% bonus damage against healthy enemies if you use daggers or 9% bonus damage in general if you use swords.
Rapid Gambits 1 Reduces evade cooldown. Useful for survival.
Trick Attack 1 Knocks down enemies when you crit, which is great for crowd control.
Poison Trap   A core skill for this build. Invest in Enhanced Poison Trap for guaranteed knockdown and Counter Poison Trap for a 30% chance to reset your imbuement cooldown.
Exploit 3 Provides 18% increased damage on healthy and injured enemies.
Malice 3 Offers bonus damage against vulnerable enemies.
Poison Imbuement 5 Enhances your Twisting Blades with poison. Take Enhanced Poison Imbuement for bonus duration and Blended Poison Imbuement for extra poison damage on critical hits.
Deadly Venom 1 Grants 3% bonus poison damage, leading to Alchemical Advantage.
Alchemical Advantage 1 Increases attack speed per poisoned enemy around you.
Death Trap (Ultimate)   The cornerstone of this build, dealing massive damage and pulling enemies toward it. It also reduces its own cooldown when it kills an enemy.
Innovation 1 Increases lucky hit chance to regenerate energy. A gateway to Second Wind.
Second Wind 3 Provides bonus lucky hit chance for 5 seconds each time you spend 100 energy.
Trap Mastery 3 Increases crit chance against vulnerable enemies when either poison or Death Trap activates.
Aftermath 1 Grants 30 energy after casting Death Trap.
Adrenaline Rush 1 Increases energy regeneration by 5%.
Exposure 1 The key passive, granting 25% lucky hit chance against enemies affected by your traps and reducing trap cooldowns by 20%.




Specialization: Inner Sight vs. Combo Points

While Inner Sight can work, Combo Points are ideal for damage increase, which you can build up naturally during combat.


Legendary Equipment

  • Blade Dancer Aspect: Doubles the effectiveness of Twisting Blades.
  • Accelerating Aspect (Amulet): Grants up to 38% bonus attack speed for 5 seconds when you crit with a core skill.
  • EDG Master's Aspect (One-Handed Weapon): Provides up to 20% bonus damage on any skill cast based on your energy.
  • Retribution (One-Handed Weapon): Offers bonus damage against stunned enemies.


Rings - Resource-based legendaries

  • Ravenous Aspect: Enhances energy regeneration for a few seconds after killing a vulnerable enemy.
  • Umbral Aspect: Restores energy when crowd-controlling an enemy.


Gloves - Pestilent Points (Offensive Legendary)

Adds a poison imbued effect to every third cast of Puncture, increasing damage potential.


Boots - Ghost Walker Aspect (Movement Legendary)

Boosts movement speed and allows you to walk through enemies while Unstoppable.


Defensive Legendary Equipment

  • Might Aspect: Provides 20% damage reduction after casting a basic skill.
  • Disobedience Aspect: Offers bonus armor that accumulates as you fight off enemies.
  • Aspect of Shared Misery: Increases lucky hit chance to spread crowd control effects when hitting enemies.


Season 2 Vampiric Powers

  • Cursed Touch: Offers a lucky hit chance to apply Vampiric Curse, which synergizes well with your bonus lucky hit chance.
  • Moonrise: Boosts attack speed, basic skill damage, and movement speed when using basic skills.
  • Hemomancy: Heals you based on your life as healing when you cast a skill. You can swap this out for Undying for more survivability if needed.


Paragon Progression

  • Invest in the right-side damage increase rare node.
  • Collect dexterity and acquire the glyph socket with the "Closer" glyph for bonus damage to Cutthroat skills.
  • Secure the armor rare node in the top right.
  • Progress to the Deadly Ambush board and get the Trapper rare node for bonus damage to trap skills.
  • Grab the Legendary Power, offering increased Critical Strike damage against enemies affected by traps.
  • Continue with rare nodes for damage reduction and damage increase, focusing on trap-related effects.


How to Play

  • Group up enemies whenever possible to maximize your damage output.
  • Deploy Poison Trap and Death Trap together to control and damage enemies.
  • Use Puncture and Twisting Blades to deal damage while triggering exposure and resetting trap cooldowns.
  • Utilize Shadow Step for Unstoppable and bonus crit chance against priority targets.
  • Chain crowd control with your abilities and Vampiric Powers.
  • Maintain high attack speed for continuous healing and damage output.



The Death Trap build is an exhilarating choice for Diablo 4 Season 2. With the right skill choices, legendary equipment, and Vampiric Powers, you'll become an unstoppable force in the game. Enjoy the speed, damage, and utility this build offers as you dominate the dark world of Diablo 4. Good luck and happy hunting!

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