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Diablo 4 Blood Moon Breaches Necromancer Unique Items Guides

In Diablo 4, as a Necromancer, you're always on the hunt for items that can amplify your dark arts. One such item is the Blood Moon Breaches, a unique pair of pants that can significantly enhance your gameplay. These pants can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to curses and defense. In this guide, we'll delve into the Blood Moon Breaches, breaking down their unique properties and how they can benefit your Necromancer.


Diablo 4 Blood Moon Breaches Necromancer Unique Items Guides


Blood Moon Breaches Overview

The Blood Moon Breaches are a unique item that can be obtained by farming Uber Dural, but they're well worth the effort. Let's explore their remarkable features:

  • Movement Speed and Health: While injured, these pants grant you a 45% movement speed boost for two seconds. This is particularly valuable for Necromancers who often struggle with movement speed. Additionally, the Blood Moon Breaches come with a generous health roll of 605 to 1,310.
  • Damage Reduction: These pants provide an impressive 83.3% damage reduction from enemies affected by curse skills. With at least two defense modifiers, they're perfect for keeping you safe in the heat of battle. Furthermore, they offer 6.5% to 12.6% damage reduction from cursed enemies.
  • Curse Skill Enhancement: The Blood Moon Breaches grant you a significant boost by adding three ranks to all your curse skills. This means your curses, which would normally be at level one if you only invested one point in them, will now be at level four, greatly enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Amplify Damage: These pants also provide two ranks to the Amplify Damage skill, which makes cursed enemies more susceptible to your attacks. This amplification ensures your minions and abilities deal even more damage to cursed foes.


Testing the Blood Moon Breaches

You may be curious about how these pants function in practice. The Blood Moon Breaches offer a unique ability – they automatically curse enemies through your minions. This is a significant advantage, as it means you can focus on other skills and abilities without the need to have curses on your skill bar. Here's a closer look at how they work:

When you summon your minions and engage in combat, you'll notice the counter for curses going down faster than it normally would. This is a result of the Decrepify curse, which has a 15% chance to reduce your active cooldowns by 1 second.

The Blood Moon Breaches' unique feature ensures that minions cursed by your pants will occasionally trigger the Decrepify curse. This results in cooldown reductions, allowing you to use your abilities more frequently.

Additionally, you can visually confirm that your curses are being cast on the enemy when you observe the curse icon under their feet. This is a clear indication that the Blood Moon Breaches are actively cursing your foes.

The effectiveness of these curses becomes more pronounced during challenging encounters with strong elites and bosses, as the curses have a higher chance of proccing on tougher enemies.


Using Blood Moon Breaches to Your Advantage

To fully benefit from the Blood Moon Breaches, consider investing at least one point in the passive skills that enhance your curses. This ensures that you have access to these curses when you need them, without cluttering your skill bar.

One remarkable advantage of the Blood Moon Breaches is their ability to cast both Decrepify and Iron Maiden curses simultaneously. This combination results in a 50-times damage multiplier for shadow damage, making it particularly effective against tough enemies.


Unlocking Blood Moon Breaches

As of the Season 2 update, Blood Moon Breaches now have a chance of dropping at World Tier 3. To access this higher-tier loot, players need to complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Once this dungeon is conquered, you can begin your journey on the Nightmare difficulty setting, opening the doors to Uber Unique item farming.


Farming Blood Moon Breaches Unique Items

To increase your chances of acquiring the coveted Blood Moon Breeches and other high-tier loot, you'll want to take advantage of the following methods:

  • World Events: Participate in World Events like Gathering Legions. These events provide excellent opportunities to face challenging foes and reap rewarding loot. World Events are a great way to enhance your chances of finding Uber Uniques.
  • Slay World Bosses: World Bosses in Diablo 4 are formidable opponents, but they also offer some of the best loot in the game. Slaying these monstrous adversaries can yield Uber Unique items, including the Blood Moon Breeches. Team up with other players for epic battles that promise great rewards.
  • Nightmare Dungeons: Running Nightmare Dungeons is another effective way to farm high-tier loot. The Nightmare difficulty setting offers greater challenges and more substantial rewards. As you progress through these dungeons, keep an eye out for Uber Unique drops, especially the Blood Moon Breeches.



The Blood Moon Breaches are a must-have item for Necromancers in Diablo 4. Their unique curse-casting ability through your minions, coupled with damage reduction and curse enhancement, make them a powerful addition to your character. While there are other items to consider, such as Frost Burs, the Blood Moon Breaches offer a unique playstyle and a convenient way to incorporate curses into your strategy.

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