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New World Best Light Equip Artifact Guide: Unyielding, Featherweight or Tumbler

With the New World's latest patch introducing notable changes and fixes, one major change stands out - the modification to the Unyielding Helm artifact. Let's dive into a comparative analysis between the Unyielding Helm, Featherweight, and Tumbler artifacts for Light Equipment in PvP scenarios. Each of these artifacts offers unique benefits, and we'll discuss their advantages, disadvantages, and which scenarios they excel in.


New World Best Light Equip Artifact Guide: Unyielding, Featherweight or Tumbler


Recent Patch

The recent patch brought a variety of progression and bug fixes, but the spotlight is on the change to the Unyielding Helm artifact. Its weight decreased by 0.3 compared to regular heavy helms. While seemingly minor, this adjustment makes it possible to integrate the Unyielding Helm into a light armor build.


Armor Value

At a 700 gear score, armor values for light, medium, and heavy armor have been defined. For comparison's sake:


  • Light Armor: Base mitigation of 28%.
  • Medium Armor: Popular loadouts around 42% mitigation.
  • Heavy Armor: Full heavy set gives 50% mitigation.


Featherweight: The Agile Choice

Featherweight has the advantage of integrating more heavy pieces into a light build. A common loadout incorporates two heavy pieces, resulting in a total armor of 1,162 and 34% mitigation. Its main perks include refreshing and physical aversion, which are not highly sought after currently. Health is commonly slotted in the last slot for a broader mitigation range.


Tumbler: The Nimble Healer

These are just light footwear. A typical build with them results in 8,837 armor. However, when the dodge effect is activated, you gain an extra 25% fortify, boosting the armor to 1,146. It brings the mitigation from 28% to roughly 33%. The tumblast bug hasn't been fixed, potentially providing higher healing than intended. They also come with refreshing and physical aversion perks, and health is often slotted for consistent mitigation.


Unyielding: The Crit-Proof Defense

Unyielding, a heavy headpiece, allows a heavy-light-light-light-light loadout, offering about 29% mitigation. Its unique perks include refreshing and shering fortification which are more effective against a broader range of damage. With added fortify effects, mitigation can reach up to 30%. The standout feature of Unyielding is its ability to negate a significant amount of crit damage, offering up to 45% crit mitigation with 150 constitution.


Direct Comparisons

When comparing pure damage mitigation:


  • Against non-crit damage: Featherweight reduces damage by about 49 more than Unyielding.
  • Against high crit multipliers: Unyielding can reduce damage by 83 more, but these scenarios are rare.


For players with less than 150 constitution, Unyielding shows a higher value against frequent crits.



In New World PvP, choosing the right equipment and artifacts can significantly impact your success on the battlefield. While Featherweight is a popular and well-rounded choice, Tumbler offers unique healing potential. Unyielding excels in crit mitigation, making it valuable in certain situations. Consider your playstyle, build, and the threats you face in PvP to determine which light equip artifact suits you best. Ultimately, the decision between Unyielding, Featherweight, and Tumbler is a matter of personal preference and the demands of the battlefield.

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