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New World Season 3 Bruiser Guide: Builds, Artifacts, Weapons, and Strategies

Welcome to the ultimate bruiser guide for New World Season 3!  In this guide, we will explore the essential aspects of playing a bruiser in the latest season, including gear and artifacts, weapon choices, attributes, consumables, and effective combat strategies. We'll delve into different build options, discuss the best abilities for your character, and even offer some tips on how to make the most of your role as a bruiser on the battlefield. 



New World Season 3 Bruiser Guide: Builds, Artifacts, Weapons, and Strategies


Builds and Artifacts

In Season 3, Bruisers continue to be a vital part of War rosters in New World. There are several viable Bruiser builds, and we'll explore three of them:


1. Djinn Headwrap Bruiser Build 


2. Freedom Bruiser Build

  • This build is all about countering crowd control effects.
  • Utilizes the Freedom artifact to make stun, slow, and root effects expire 20% faster.
  • Stack multiple Freedom perks (ideally four) for exceptional crowd control resistance.
  • Complement with Enchanted Ward, Health, Slash Conditioning, and other suitable perks for a sturdy build.


3. Tumbler Feetwrap Bruiser Build

  • Provides excellent sustain with healing and high HP.
  • Leverages the Tumbler Feetwrap artifact for healing on successful dodges.
  • Stack Shing Heels and Health perks on all gear pieces.
  • Consider using an Amulet of Ankh to boost your survivability further.


Weapon Choices

For Bruisers, the recommended weapon choices are the War Hammer and Great Axe. Here are some tips for weapon selection:


War Hammer:

  • Opt for perks like Quick Recovery and Acceleration to reduce cooldowns.
  • Consider Shock Armor Breaker Pod Combo as a standard build.
  • Leeching Pod is an alternative for added sustain.
  • Experiment with the Trenchant Strikes perk for extra damage.
  • Explore Plague Strikes or Plague Crits for debuff potential.


Great Axe:

  • Go for Maelstrom and Gravity Well perks.
  • Focus on building critical damage and armor penetration.
  • Consider Executioner Speed for faster movement.
  • Maelstrom and Gravity Well are your key abilities.
  • Choose between various builds based on your playstyle and preferences.


Heart Runes

The Brutal HeartRune of Detonate is highly recommended for Bruisers, as it boosts your damage output. You can also consider Bile Bump or Vines for situational benefits.



For attributes, aim for 300 Constitution and 300 Strength, with the possibility of increasing Constitution to 350 for added survivability. Avoid the Magnify attribute, as it can disrupt your build.


Weapon Masteries

War Hammer:

New World Season 3 Bruiser Builds Warhammer Skill

  • Choose between builds like Shock Armor Breaker Pod Combo, Shock Armor Breaker, and Armor Breaker Wrecking Ball.
  • Prioritize perks like Quick Recovery, Acceleration, and Unyielding.
  • Experiment with Executioner Speed or other suitable options.


Great Axe:

New World Season 3 Bruiser Builds Great Axe

  • Focus on perks that enhance critical damage, armor penetration, and critical healing.
  • Prioritize abilities like Maelstrom, Gravity Well, and Crowd Control.
  • Explore different builds to suit your playstyle, such as Bloodlust, Whirlwind, or Reap Grav.



In Wars and open-world PvP, it's crucial to use the right consumables:

  • Infused Health Potions for healing.
  • Regenerating Serum or Regenerating Potions for continuous regeneration.
  • Cleansing Potions for cleansing debuffs.
  • Protection Potions: Choose based on the threat on your server (e.g., Fire, Thrust, etc.).

Maintain the balance of physical, slash, and elemental resistances to ensure well-rounded defense.



A simple and effective Bruiser combo is as follows:

  • Gemstone Dust (for protection).
  • Regen Potion/Serum (for regeneration).
  • Detonate (to deal damage).
  • Cleansing Potion (to cleanse debuffs).
  • Dodge (for mobility).
  • Shock (to initiate).
  • Detonate (to deal more damage).
  • Armor Breaker (to break armor).
  • Pod (to deal more damage).
  • Spin (to deal damage and disrupt).


In War scenarios, coordinate with your team to make the most of your Detonate and engage in the fight when your abilities are ready. Always be aggressive and disruptive, targeting healers and enemies causing disruptions.



As a Bruiser in New World Season 3, you have the potential to be a game-changer on the battlefield. With the right build, artifacts, weapons, attributes, consumables, and combos, you can become a formidable force in Wars, open-world PvP, and more. Adapt to your server's meta, practice your combos, and always stay in the action. Best of luck, and may your Bruiser excel in battle!

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