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Diablo 4 S2 Necromancer Best Unique Item and Build Guides

In Diablo 4, unique items play a crucial role in shaping your character's build and effectiveness in combat. Understanding how each unique item can be best utilized is essential for optimizing your gameplay. In this guide, we'll delve into the unique items available in Diablo 4 and discuss which builds they excel in. Let's take a closer look at these powerful items and their applications.


Diablo 4 S2 Necromancer Best Unique Item and Build Guides


The Grandfather

The Grandfather is a formidable two-handed weapon that provides substantial damage boosts, all-around stat improvements, and a significant increase in critical strike damage. While it comes at the cost of losing your one-handed weapon and off-hand aspect, it finds a perfect home in certain builds.

  • Stats Boost: Increases damage, all stats, and maximum life.
  • Critical Strike Damage: Enhances critical strike damage by 60% to 100% (multiplicative).


Recommended Builds:

  • Bone Spear: For maximum damage potential.
  • Blood Surge Summoner: Although it requires compromises, it can significantly boost damage.


X'Fal's Corroded Signet

Damage Over Time Synergy: Up to a 50% chance to deal damage of the same type to nearby enemies.

Ideal for Damage Over Time Builds.

The Ring of Mone is designed for damage over time builds, making it an excellent choice for certain playstyles. It synergizes exceptionally well with builds centered around Infinity Mist, Tempest Storm, and the Mendel Summoner.


Recommended Builds:

  • Infinity Mist: Enhances the damage over time effects.
  • Tempest Storm: Augments the power of the Tempest Storm.
  • Mendel Summoner: Provides a bonus for critical strikes.


Harlequin Crest

The Harlequin Crest offers a well-rounded set of bonuses, making it versatile for various builds. It works effectively in nearly all builds, including Infinity Mist, Tempest Storm, Blood Surge, Blood Lance, and Bone Spear.

  • Max Life, Cooldown Reduction, Resource Generation: Boosts survivability.
  • Ranks in All Skills: Improves skill effectiveness.
  • General Damage Reduction: Enhances overall survivability.


Recommended Builds:

Suitable for all builds due to its well-rounded benefits.


Godslayer Crown

The Gods Slayer Crown is a unique item that rewards crowd control tactics. It synergizes exceptionally well with builds capable of stunning, freezing, or immobilizing elite enemies or damaging bosses.

  • Cooldown Reduction, Maximum Life, and Overall Damage: Enhances combat capabilities.
  • Enemy Control Mechanism: Pulls in nearby enemies and boosts damage against them.


Recommended Builds:

  • Infinity Mist: Utilizes the crowd control effect efficiently.
  • Tempest Storm: Benefits from increased damage against affected enemies.
  • Blood Surge Summoner: Enhances boss damage with crowd control tactics.
  • Blood Lands: Offers utility in crowd control and damage boost.


Tibault's Will

Tibault's Will is an intriguing item that offers damage reduction, increased damage in Unstoppable mode, and resource generation. It finds a perfect fit in Bone Spear builds, where resource management is crucial.

  • Damage Reduction, Maximum Resource, and Overall Damage: Provides defensive and offensive benefits.
  • Unstoppable Mode: Grants increased damage while in this state.


Recommended Builds:

  • Bone Spear: Maximizes damage output and resource management.
  • Infinity Mist: Utilizes Unstoppable mode for increased damage.



Soulbrand is designed to improve survivability by offering damage reduction and the ability to generate barriers. It shines in builds such as Tempest Storm and Blood Surge Summoner, where maintaining a barrier is vital.

  • Damage Reduction, Maximum Life, and Lucky Hit Chance: Enhances survivability.
  • Barrier Mechanism: Grants barrier on healing and provides damage reduction.


Recommended Builds:

  • Tempest Storm: Utilizes barriers and damage reduction effectively.
  • Blood Surge Summoner: Provides additional protection through barriers.


Banished Lord's Talisman

The Banished Lord's Talisman is an excellent choice for builds that rely on overpowering their foes. It works exceptionally well with Blood Surge Summoner, Blood Lands, and potentially Bone Spear builds.

  • Critical Strike Chance, Overpower Damage, and Resource Generation: Boosts critical strike potential.
  • Core Skill Enhancement: Guarantees overpower for the next core skill after spending 300 primary resources.


Recommended Builds:

  • Blood Surge Summoner: Enhances overpower potential.
  • Blood Lands: Offers increased damage with overpowering.
  • Bone Spear: Utilizes overpower for additional damage.


Blood Moon Breaches

The Blood Moon Breaches excel in builds that incorporate curse skills. They pair perfectly with Blood Surge Summoner and Blood Lands, where curses are a fundamental part of gameplay.

  • Maximum Life, Ranks in Curse Skills, and Damage Reduction: Enhances survivability.
  • Curse Synergy: Enemies affected by curses take significantly increased overpower damage.


Recommended Builds:

  • Blood Surge Summoner: Increases overpower damage through curses.
  • Blood Lands: Maximizes damage potential with curse synergy.


Melted Heart of Celic

The Melted Heart of Celic can be a valuable addition to Bone Spear builds due to its resource management capabilities and core skill damage boost. It also suits Infinity Mist builds, where maintaining resources is essential.

  • Bonus Core Skill Damage, All Stats, and Resource Generation: Augments core skill damage and resource management.
  • Drain Resource Mechanism: Converts potential life loss into resource depletion.


Recommended Builds:

  • Bone Spear: Enhances damage output and resource management.
  • Infinity Mist: Aids in resource sustainability and core skill damage.


Andariel's Visage

Andariel's Visage can be useful in blood-based builds that rely on life steal and lucky hits for damage. However, its applicability is limited compared to other unique items.

Life Steal, Lucky Hit Chance, and Poison Nova: Provides life-stealing potential and poison damage on lucky hits.


Recommended Builds

  • Blood Surge Summoner: Utilizes life steal and lucky hits for damage.
  • Blood Lands: Offers damage potential through life steal and poison novas.


Ring of Starless Skies

The Ring of Starless Skies is an excellent choice for builds that use core skills and incorporate resource management strategies. It benefits Bone Spear, Blood Surge Summoner, Blood Lands, and potentially Tempest Storm builds.

  • Core Skill Damage, Lucky Hit Chance, Critical Strike Chance, and Critical Strike Damage: Enhances core skill damage and critical hits.
  • Resource Cost Reduction: Reduces the resource cost of core skills on casting.


Recommended Builds

  • Bone Spear: Maximizes core skill damage and resource management.
  • Blood Surge Summoner: Enhances critical hits and resource efficiency.
  • Blood Lands: Augments core skill damage and reduces resource costs.
  • Tempest Storm: Provides resource cost reduction for core skills.


In conclusion, unique items in Diablo 4 offer diverse benefits, and understanding their synergy with different builds is key to maximizing your character's potential. Carefully consider these unique items when crafting your build, and tailor your choices to your preferred playstyle and desired outcomes.

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