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How to Unlock Druid New Mystical Forms in WoW Patch 10.2?

Welcome, fellow druids. New mystical forms introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 10.2: Guardians of the Dream,  these forms are not just cosmetic upgrades but a reflection of your power and prestige. In this guide, we'll take you through each form, from the majestic Moonkin to the fearsome Bear, the agile Feral forms, and the versatile Travel and Flight forms. With clear step-by-step instructions, you'll soon be roaming Azeroth with a fresh and exciting look. 



How to Unlock Druid New Mystical Forms in WoW Patch 10.2?


Moonkin Forms

The Moonkin forms are perhaps the easiest to obtain. As soon as the patch goes live, head to your BarberShop, and you'll find these forms readily available. There are no complex requirements for these forms; they are free for all Moonkins to enjoy.


However, there is one Moonkin form tint that requires additional effort. It drops from Tendrels Swift, a boss in the new raid Idrasil. The raid's difficulty requirement for this drop is not confirmed yet, so stay tuned for updates on this.


Bear Forms

The Bear forms introduce new variations, such as Rune Bear, Bristle Brewing, and Umra Claws. Let's break down how to obtain each:


  • Rune Bear Form: You can obtain this from the new world boss, which will be marked on your map. While it may not be a guaranteed drop, you can farm it over time and gain faction reputation.
  • Bristle Brewing (Green Variant): This form comes from Morag the Slothful, a rare in the Emerald Dream. You can find him in a cave as shown in the video. Drop chances are not 100%, but they are decent.
  • Bristle Brewing Fur Sample (Ash Color): Obtain this item by going to the coordinates (63,39) and picking up the sample. This sample will grant you the Ash-colored form.
  • Umra Claws (Brown Variant): Use the Silent Mark of the Umra Claw. You need to attune it to Umra Claw creatures by buying four items from Theor Shar Grove Heart for 2,000 gold. Then, use the item on the creatures to learn their appearance.
  • Umra Claws (White Variant - Lomi Umra Claw): This form comes from the Emerald Bounty mini-event in the zone. Plant seeds found on the map and contribute to the event to receive the skin as a reward.
  • Umra Claws (Black Variant): This form is obtained from Mosa Umbramain, another rare in the Emerald Dream at coordinates (54,36).


Feral Druid Forms (Dream Sabers)

The Feral Druid forms come in various colors, including Blue, Purple, and Green. Here's how to obtain them:


  • Blue Dream Saber: You'll need the Moon Bless Claw item. Collect empty vials from the Emerald Dream, fill them at Moon Wells across the world, and combine them to get the form.
  • Purple Dream Saber: Defeat Keen-eyed Cayan in the Emerald Dream to obtain this form.
  • Green Dream Saber: Attune the Silent Mark of the Dream Saber by channeling it on Hunting Dream Sabers in the Emerald Dream.


Travel Forms (Flight and Swimming)

Obtaining the new Snowls and Dreaming Nadra swimming form is relatively straightforward:


  • Flight Forms (Snowls): Complete the Quano quest line in the Emerald Dream main hub to receive this form. There's no specific difficulty or boss kill required.
  • Swimming Form (Dreaming Nadra): Fish in the lava pools in the Pit of Vcar Ro in the Edril raid to collect Awakening Sunfish and Slumbering Moonfish. Toss them into the Waters of Amadil to receive the form.


Ground Forms (Travel Forms)

Last but not least, the ground forms, including Dream Talons and Glade Heart, offer various color options:


  • Dream Talons (Black/Purple, Blue/Purple, Green/Red): These forms are obtainable from rares or the Silent Mark of the Dream Talon, attuned by using it on the relevant creatures in the Emerald Dream.
  • Dream Talons (White/Green): Use the Silent Mark of the Dream Talon and attune it with the Stags near Matriarch Kea's spawn point.
  • Dream Talons (Golden): This form comes from inscription, and you'll need to wait for scribes to find the recipe and craft it.
  • Dream Talons (Ashen): Tannoy Ash Whisper is another rare in the Emerald Dream. It may be a rare spawn, so keep an eye out for updates on its location.



And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to obtaining all the new Druid forms in Patch 10.2 of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Whether you're a Moonkin, Bear, Feral, or just love to travel in style, this guide has you covered. Enjoy your new forms and explore the mystical world of Azeroth with fresh visuals. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy hunting, Druids!

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