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Old School RuneScape The Perilous Moons Dungeon Guides

Old School RuneScape introduces the Perilous Moons Dungeon, a thrilling addition to the game's mid-level PvM content. In this guide, we'll explore the rewards, mechanics, and strategies you'll need to succeed in this exciting adventure.


Old School RuneScape The Perilous Moons Dungeon Guides


The Perilous Moons Dungeon

The Perilous Moons Dungeon is a new dungeon accessible through a quest called Valmore. This experience-level quest allows players to explore the depths of Cam and uncover the mysteries within. It's perfect for mid-level players seeking exciting new challenges.


Exploration and Encounter

The dungeon's layout is reminiscent of the iconic Barrow Brothers' tomb, but with a twist. Instead of focusing solely on combat, this activity emphasizes discovery and exploration. As you progress through the dungeon, you'll uncover Valor's ancient history, making the adventure feel meaningful.


Preparing for the Dungeon

Before entering the dungeon, it's recommended to have a combat level of 65 or higher. Defense is crucial, so be sure to prepare wisely. While you can bring your supplies, the dungeon provides various resources to help you on your journey.


Dungeon Mechanics

Each trip in the temple begins in the central room, leading to different areas of the dungeon. However, only one corridor is open at a time, ensuring that every encounter starts differently. You're free to tackle the bosses in any order, but starting with the closest one can save you time.


Boss Battles

The Perilous Moons Dungeon features three deadly Demi-bosses. The loot you receive isn't affected by which boss you defeat first, but defeating all three yields the best rewards. Unlike traditional boss fights, these entities can't be killed. Your goal is to distract and contain them, making teamwork crucial.


Unique Defensive Focus

This content encourages a defensive playstyle, emphasizing defensive gear and bonuses. The bosses' mechanics stress the importance of defense, and taking damage can lower your DPS. It's essential to maintain a strong defense throughout the battles.



The Perilous Moons Dungeon offers unique, Gold and experimental rewards. The sets include the Blood Rager Set, Frost Moon Set, and Eclipse Set, each with distinct abilities and mechanics. These sets only trigger their effects when wearing both the weapons and gear from the same set.

  • Blood Rager Set: Sacrifice 10% of your hit points to increase your Max and Min hit by 25%. This set encourages a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.
  • Frost Moon Set: Increases accuracy and damage based on the remaining time of a binding effect. This set rewards precise timing and strategy.
  • Eclipse Set: This set is centered around a unique burn mechanic. It has a chance to increase your damage with each tick of the burn effect, making it a dynamic and versatile choice.


Bladed Moon Shield

The Bladed Moon Shield combines defense and offense, providing mid-level players with an untradeable weapon. It offers defensive stats similar to a Mythril Kiteshield and an offensive boost compared to a Dragon Defender. To obtain this shield, you'll need to collect Blue Moon Spikes from the dungeon's bosses.



The Perilous Moons Dungeon offers a fresh and exciting experience for mid-level players in Old School RuneScape. With unique mechanics and rewarding gear, it's an adventure worth undertaking. Prepare for challenging encounters, master defensive strategies, and claim your place among the valiant adventurers who delve into this mysterious dungeon. Good luck!

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