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Runescape 3 Elite Dungeon 1 with Necromancy Guides

Elite Dungeon 1 (ED1) offers consistent and lucrative opportunities for Runescape 3 players. Necromancy, when utilized effectively, can expedite your ED1 clears and enhance your Runescape Gold earnings. Let's dive into the guide to master ED1 with Necromancy.


Runescape 3 Elite Dungeon 1 with Necromancy Guides


Gear Setup

Optimal gear for ED1 includes tier 90 Necromancer power armor and weapons.

Consider using tier 90 gear for a smoother experience.

Recommended items include skill capes, amulets, auras, and rings.

Check the wiki for Necromancy perks to enhance your setup.


Inventory Preparation

  • Your inventory should include overloads, super prayer renewals, ectoplasm, vulnerability bombs, and adrenaline renewal potions.
  • Don't forget an enhanced Excalibur, rune pouches, and Necromancy runes.
  • Spiritual prayer potions are essential if you plan to use a Ripper Demon familiar.
  • Sip Saradomin Brew flasks and Blue Blubber Jellyfish for sustenance during the dungeon.


Using Ancient Curses

  • Ancient Curses, especially Soul Split, are highly recommended for improved sustain and DPS.
  • Unlock these curses through quests for a significant advantage in ED1.


Clearing Trash Mobs

  • Employ the Threads of Fate with Soul Sap and Volley to swiftly eliminate trash mobs.
  • Utilize the Spectral Scythe rotation to efficiently dispatch groups.
  • Leverage Soul Strike for additional AOE damage.
  • Learn to skip certain mobs to progress faster in ED1.


Sanctum Guardian Boss Fight

  • Prepare for the Sanctum Guardian boss battle.
  • Stand in the center, dealing damage while protecting from ranged.
  • Watch for mechanics involving water blasts, smoke placement, and melee attacks.
  • The Ring of Death is crucial for sustaining adrenaline during the fight.
  • Transition to the next room once the boss is defeated.


Muta Boss Fight

  • Prepare for the Muta boss fight, which may require some practice.
  • Deal damage while protecting from melee.
  • Manage mechanics such as the melee spin, water blast, and smoke placement.
  • Use Devotion, Resonance, and movement to mitigate damage.
  • Kill waters summoned during the fight.


Pylon Room

  • Navigate the pylon room efficiently by running past the first pylon.
  • Activate Devotion halfway through and use Threads of Fate.
  • Focus on defeating the back three pylons to progress.
  • Teleport out if necessary and return for a smoother experience.


Seiryu Boss Fight

  • Prepare for the Seiryu boss fight, a complex encounter.
  • Manage mechanics like bouncing magic attacks, dragon breath, and smoke placement.
  • Dodge the shadow hands, stay away from Seru's tail slam, and keep moving.
  • Reach 7.2 million health points to access Seiryu's back.
  • Conjure your minions, use vulnerability bombs, and target the crystals.
  • Manage blob spawns, maximize DPS, and jump down after defeating all crystals.
  • Handle the blob phase with Threads of Fate, Death Skulls, and effective commands.
  • Repeat the cycle until all crystals are destroyed, earning ancient scales and consistent profit.



Mastering Elite Dungeon 1 with Necromancy can be highly rewarding.

Practice and familiarity with mechanics will lead to quicker clears and greater earnings.

Stay tuned for a one-cycle guide for even more efficiency.


This professionally structured guide will empower Runescape 3 players to excel in Elite Dungeon 1 using the Necromancy approach, ensuring a prosperous and enjoyable experience. 

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