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Runescape 3 Farming Gold with Construction Skill Guides

Welcome to another episode of our Runescape 3 Gold-making series! In our previous discussions, we delved deep into the Herblore skill, exploring its potential for profit. Today, we shift our focus to Construction – a skill that has evolved significantly over time and presents numerous opportunities for financial gain.



Runescape 3 Farming Gold with Construction Skill Guides


Understanding Construction in Runescape 3

Construction, traditionally associated with plank-making for profit, has added more dimensions to its gameplay. While we have extensively covered FL Ffery in a separate video (linked for your convenience), this guide aims to provide a quick overview of price trends, profitable activities, and strategic insights to help you navigate Construction efficiently.


Starting Out

For newcomers to Construction, it's crucial to know that you can engage with Fort Forfery right from Level 1. Generally, players reach Level 40 by the time they complete their initial fort setup. From this point on, we recommend focusing on Maple frames and above for maximum profitability.


Tier Analysis

Let's break down the Construction tiers from Maple to Elders, highlighting the Runescape GP making potential of each:

  • Maple to Acadia: Starting with Maple, turning logs into planks and subsequently into refined planks and frames can yield substantial profits. For instance, 12 Maple logs can transform into a Maple frame, turning a modest investment of under 10k into a 50k profit at Level 50 Construction.
  • Mahogany and U: Mahogany planks are pricier, but converting them into refined planks and frames can still be profitable. U logs and planks offer a surprising Gold-making avenue, with the process of turning logs into planks being particularly lucrative.
  • Magic and Elders: Magic logs and planks have a balanced price relationship, but the profit margin is thinner. Elders, on the other hand, are expensive and offer narrower profits, making them less attractive for Gold-making purposes.


Making the Most of Portable Sawmills and Plank Boxes

A portable sawmill is an invaluable tool in your Construction arsenal, enabling the creation of new planks and supporting your Gold-making endeavors. Coupled with a plank box, you can streamline your plank-making process, turning a full inventory of logs into refined planks with ease.


Strategic Tips for Profit Maximization

  • Evaluate Your Tiers: Not all Construction tiers are created equal. Skip the less profitable ones and focus on where the Gold truly is – Maple, Acadia, Mahogany, and U.
  • Consider the Market: Keep a close eye on the Grand Exchange and understand that some items may not be readily available. Adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Time is Gold: Sometimes, buying planks directly is more time-efficient and profitable than turning logs into planks. Know when to make and when to buy.
  • Bonus XP Weekends: Utilize these special events to boost your experience gains while also stockpiling resources or selling for profit.



Construction in Runescape 3 has evolved into a multifaceted skill with diverse Gold-making opportunities. By understanding the market, focusing on profitable tiers, and utilizing tools like portable sawmills and plank boxes, you can turn Construction into a lucrative venture. 

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