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World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 DPS: Tier List & Ranking

In World of Warcraft, staying up-to-date with the current DPS tier list is essential for players looking to maximize their performance in raids. In patch 10.2, numerous factors come into play to determine which DPS spec reigns supreme. This article provides a detailed guide to the 10.2 DPS tier list for the upcoming raid, based on extensive analysis of PTR data, tier set considerations, and the impact of various nerfs and buffs.


World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 DPS: Tier List & Ranking


Tier S

World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 Tier S DPS

Frost Death Knight (Frost DK):

Frost DKs are a unique case, as they can perform exceptionally well in both AoE and single-target scenarios. There seems to be a disparity in player performance, which suggests that mastery of the Frost DK rotation is key. With the right playstyle and possibly the legendary weapon, Frost DKs have the potential to excel, although they might not claim the top spot.


Unholy Death Knight (Unholy DK):

Unholy DKs have seen some changes, with their damage profile shifting towards their 45-second cooldown abilities. While they might not dominate every encounter, Unholy DKs can outperform many other specs, potentially by 20-40K DPS in certain situations. The nerfs have affected them, but they remain a strong choice for DPS.


Tier A

World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 Tier A DPS

Beast Mastery Hunter (BM Hunter):

BM Hunters are right on the cusp of Tier S, with fantastic single-target damage and great AoE capabilities. They might even move up to Tier S as the patch progresses. BM Hunters are among the top choices for DPS in 10.2.


Balance Druid:

Balance Druid hold their ground, with respectable performance. While they might not shine in single-target encounters, they excel when dealing with adds. They offer consistent damage, making them a reliable choice for the raid.


Feral Druid:

Feral Druid have shown a similar performance to Balance Druids, occasionally even outperforming them in single-target encounters. However, in AoE-heavy fights, they might face challenges until raid strategies optimize add management.


Devastation Evoker:

Devastation Evoker have been a pleasant surprise, showing significant potential. However, the wide range of performance indicates that mastering this spec can be challenging. In well-coordinated raid groups, Devastation can shine and provide excellent damage output.


Arcane Mage:

Arcane Mage have emerged as a surprising contender, managing to perform exceptionally well despite being a more complex spec to master. They can top the damage meters if played correctly.


Fire Mage:

Fire Mages also show strong performance and might be slightly better than Arcane Mages in many scenarios. While they don't dominate, they consistently deliver good damage.


Frost Mage:

Frost Mage is the highlight among the Mage specs in 10.2, excelling in both Mythic+ and raid environments. They are the top-performing Mage spec, making them a sought-after choice.


Retribution Paladin (Ret Paladin):

Ret Paladins offer varying performance, but they are generally a valuable asset to the raid group. Their utility and tankiness contribute to their overall usefulness.


Shadow Priest:

Shadow Priests have seen some nerfs, but they are still a formidable choice. Power Infusion remains a valuable utility, and with proper execution, they can deliver high damage.


Assassination Rogue:

Assassination Rogues are making a comeback, offering impressive burst single-target damage. However, they are locked behind a challenging rotation and may not top the meters in every scenario.


Outlaw Rogue:

Outlaw Rogues deliver consistent and strong performance. They have received some nerfs but remain in the A tier, making them a reliable choice for the raid.


Subtlety Rogue (Sub Rogue):

Sub Rogues might not be the top pick for now, but they have received buffs and changes. Historically, Subtlety Rogues tend to rise in the rankings as the patch progresses, so don't count them out just yet.


Elemental Shaman:

Elemental Shamans offer solid damage output and find themselves comfortably in the A tier. Their performance is consistent and reliable in raid encounters.


Enhancement Shaman:

Enhancement Shamans share a similar tier with Elemental Shamans. They have seen improved performance and are a strong choice for melee DPS, but their role as a melee class could limit them on certain fights.


Affliction Warlock:

Affliction Warlocks have made a comeback, showing impressive damage output. Their versatility in dealing damage across multiple targets makes them a valuable addition to any raid.


Demonology Warlock (Demo Lock):

Demonology Warlocks have been a pleasant surprise and are expected to be a strong pick in 10.2. Their sustained damage output, especially when empowered by external buffs, is remarkable.


Arms Warrior:

Arms Warriors are experiencing a resurgence. Their damage output is consistently strong, making them a reliable choice for melee DPS in raid encounters. Tier set issues have been addressed, improving their performance.


Fury Warrior:

Fury Warriors also perform well, with single-target and AoE damage. Some changes to Reckless Abandon may affect their performance, but they remain in the A tier.


Augmentation Evoker:

Augmentation Evokers are unique in that their damage output is influenced by the buffs they provide to their group. They are expected to be a valuable asset, especially when synergizing with the right group composition.


Tier B

World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 Tier B DPS

Havoc Demon Hunter (Havoc DH):

Havoc Demon Hunters are a bit of a wild card in 10.2. While they perform well in Mythic+ scenarios, their raid performance is less consistent. The lack of clear data on the best Havoc builds could be a factor. With the right approach, they could perform better, but the data is inconclusive for now.


Survival Hunter:

Survival Hunters perform adequately but do not stand out. They are on par with Havoc Demon Hunters and Marksmanship Hunters in terms of raid damage output.


Tier C

World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 Tier C DPS

Destruction Warlock (Destro Warlock):

Destruction Warlocks have fallen in the rankings and offer unimpressive damage output. It's possible that players are choosing Demonology or other specs instead. Their performance might improve as the patch progresses.


Tier D

Marksmanship Hunter (MM Hunter):

Marksmanship Hunters are struggling in 10.2. While some exceptional players can deliver impressive damage, their overall performance lags behind other specs, making them a less favorable choice.


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In patch 10.2, the DPS tier list for raids is filled with diverse options, each excelling in different scenarios. While some specs are expected to shine as the best of the best (S-tier), many others are strong contenders (A-tier) for raiding. The key to success is mastering your chosen spec, optimizing gear and talents, and adapting to the unique challenges presented by each encounter. As the patch unfolds, it's essential to stay informed and adapt to changing circumstances to ensure your spot as a top DPS in the raid.

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