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Old School Runescape Leagues IV Successful Start Guides

Welcome to the official starting month of Old Shool Runescape Leagues IV! With two years of anticipation, the excitement is real. We've got you covered with the first teaser and a comprehensive guide to help you kick off your Leagues IV adventure with a bang. Get ready to explore new relics, strategies, and quality of life improvements.


Old School Runescape Leagues IV Successful Start Guides


Optimize Your Region Selection

Before you start, consider planning out your Skilling adventure with regions in mind. Some regions have limited farming patches, and certain areas lack Charter ships, which can be essential for transportation and valuable shops.


Harness the Power of MiniGames

Don't underestimate the potential of minigames in Leagues IV. For instance, Mage Training Arena can provide you with more than just magic gear; it's also a source of runes. Other mini games like Pest Control can yield millions of experience in prayer and combat.



Time Investment and Progress

Understand the time it takes to unlock regions and relics. While the average player might need around 100 hours to unlock all seven tiers of relics, more efficient players may progress faster. Keep in mind that the true gameplay starts after this initial period.


Quests and Region Unlocks

Be mindful of quests unlocked when you choose a region. For example, unlocking the Desert region automatically completes over 50 prerequisite quests. Consider whether you want to miss out on valuable quest experience in other regions.



Leverage NPC Shops

NPC shops in Leagues IV will automatically restock after you close the store. Take advantage of this feature for gems, crafting materials, and more. It's a fantastic way to gather resources quickly.


Strategize for Clue Scrolls

Think about which regions you want to unlock first as it affects the type of clue steps you'll receive. Some regions have more challenging clue steps than others. Keep an eye out for potential clue-related relics.


Prioritize GP in Your Plan

Runescape Gold is vital in Leagues IV for daily supplies, gear, and more. Consider Gold-making methods in your chosen regions from the start. Whether it's gathering volcanic ash, hunting gem stores, or other strategies, having GP is essential.


Select Your Combat Style

Choose your preferred combat style early on. Consider the relics you'll need for that style and the regions that offer the best gear and advantages for it. Be prepared to invest time in obtaining specific gear if required.


Embrace Slayer

If a Slayer relic is available, it's highly recommended to pick it. Slayer is a versatile skill with numerous benefits, and it's expected to be powerful in Leagues IV.


Plan for Day One

On day one, focus on achieving early goals efficiently. Consider training at Men for levels, obtaining essential items, completing quests, and utilizing Fairy Rings for quick transportation. Planning your route around quests can be a game-changer.


With these top 10 tips, you'll be well-prepared to embark on your Leagues IV adventure. Stay tuned for more updates and guides as you progress in this exciting new season of Old School RuneScape Leagues. 

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