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Diablo 4 S2 Blood Lance Powerful Single-target and AoE Damage Necromancer Build

In this Diablo 4 guide, we delve into the Blood Lance Necromancer build, an exceptional choice for both single-target and AoE damage. With the right setup, you can achieve incredible results with this build. We'll cover the skill tree, gear recommendations, and gameplay tips to help you master this formidable build.



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Diablo 4 S2 Blood Lance Powerful Single-target and AoE Damage Necromancer Build



  • Prioritize Diablo 4 affixes that enhance Blood Lance ranks, Max Life, overpower damage, crit strike chance, crit strike damage, and attack speed. 
  • Consider defensive affixes like armor, damage reduction, and resistance to all elements to improve your survivability.



  • Use rubies in your armor for health increase and rubies in your weapons for overpower damage. 
  • Customize your jewelry with resistance to all elements for balanced defenses.


Skill Tree

Let's begin by breaking down the skill tree for the Blood Lance build:

  • Hemorrhage: Maximize Hemorrhage for extra attack speed and its chance to generate blood orbs, crucial for our build.
  • Blood Lance: Level it up to 5/5 and enhance it with gear to ensure a guaranteed overpower effect.
  • Corpse Tendrils: Invest one level in this skill and enhance it to generate blood orbs when pulling in enemies.
  • Decrepify: Allocate a point in Decrepify and enhance it for curse-based damage amplification.
  • Bone Storm: This is our ultimate skill, providing protection and enhancing damage. Maximize it and use Prime and Supreme enhancements for crit strike chance and damage reduction.
  • Gruesome Mending: Maximize this passive for improved healing.
  • KS Blood: Boost your damage with blood skills while healthy.
  • Tides of Blood: Double your overpowered damage when healthy.
  • Drain Vitality: Generate fortify and get a chance to generate blood orbs while dealing damage with blood skills.
  • Transfusion: A new skill in Season 2, allocate one point for a chance to generate blood orbs, which is doubled against bosses.
  • Inspiring Leader: Improve your attack speed while healthy.
  • Rathma's Vigor: Gain a guaranteed overpower every 12 seconds while healthy.


The Book of the Dead

Select "Sacrifice" for your Golem and prioritize "Skeletal Mages" for increased overpower damage.


Vampiric Powers

Choose "Metamorphosis" for mobility and "Pray on the Weak" to boost vulnerable damage.


Attack Speed

Ravenous and Moonrise provide essential attack speed for this build, enabling faster Blood Lance casts.


Sublime Legendary Symbols

Select "Undying" for healing or consider "Resilience" or "The Brace" for more fortify and crit strike chance, depending on your gameplay style.


Paragon Board

Optimize your Paragon points by focusing on specific nodes to enhance your build's strengths.

  • Blood Drinker: Prioritize this node for enhanced blood orb mechanics.
  • Resilience: Increase resistance to all elements and maximize Max Life nodes.
  • Blood Begets Blood: Invest in overpower damage for added potency.
  • Corporeal: Maximize the Glyph for physical damage and magic node bonuses.
  • Blood Bath: Improve your overpower damage with Powerhouse, and gain additional nodes for more damage.




Here's a breakdown of essential gear for the Blood Lance build:

  • God Slayer Crown: Boost your damage when stunning, freezing, or damaging elite enemies.
  • Might Chestpiece: Gain consistent 20% damage reduction for 6 seconds by using a basic skill.
  • Rathus Chosen Gloves: Increase your attack speed after using Blood skills.
  • Blood Moon Breaches: Amplify overpower damage against enemies affected by your curses.
  • Ghost Walker Boots: Enhance mobility and damage reduction during the Unstoppable effect.
  • GW Quills (Wand): Consume blood orbs to generate extra Blood Lances.
  • Untimely Death (Off-hand): Improve overpower damage by healing beyond 100% health.
  • Banished Lord's Talisman (Amulet): Guarantee overpower damage increase by spending 300 primary resource.
  • Resource Ring: Boost Essence generation when healthy for more blood orbs.
  • Grasping Veins Ring: Enhance crit strike chance for 6 seconds as you use Corpse Tendrils.


Gameplay Tips

  • For single-target encounters, build up your Essence before fully committing to maximize your Blood Lance's impact.
  • Use Bone Storm to apply curses and deliver powerful Blood Lances to the target.
  • In mob-clear situations, Dash through enemies, apply vampiric curses, and utilize Corpse Tendrils and Blood Lances.
  • Incorporate Hemorrhage into your attacks to generate Essence for more Blood Lances.
  • Maintain high attack speed with Moonrise to ensure frequent Blood Lance overpowers.
  • Balance your skills to optimize damage and survivability.
  • Experiment with the order of offensive aspects based on your playstyle.


In conclusion, the Blood Lance build in Diablo 4 offers remarkable potential, delivering both AoE and single-target damage on a metac-competitive level. Master the skill tree, gear, and gameplay mechanics to harness the full power of this exciting build. Whether you're pushing Tier 100 or exploring the open world, the Blood Lance build is a thrilling choice in Season 2.

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