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Paladin Class All New Spells & Abilities in Season of Discovery | Classic WoW

With the Classic WoW Season of Discovery just around the corner, the anticipation for new class spells and abilities is growing among players. First, we'll delve into the Paladin class, exploring all the exciting new abilities and spells they'll be gaining in the upcoming season. These abilities are obtained through chest engravings, leg enchants, and hand abilities.



Paladin Class All New Spells & Abilities in Season of Discovery | Classic WoW


Chest Engravings

The Season of Discovery introduces a unique mechanic where players can collect abilities found out in the world, which can then be used to enchant specific pieces of gear. Let's take a closer look at the first set of abilities available for Paladins:

Season of Discovery Paladin Class Chest Engravings



  • Increases your block value by 30%.
  • Damaging melee and ranged attacks against you have a 10% chance to increase your chance to block by 30%.
  • Lasts 10 seconds or five blocks.

Aegis provides Paladins with a strong tanking ability, akin to a Warrior's Shield Block. It enhances their defensive capabilities, making them viable tanks for various encounters.


Horn of Lordaeron

  • The Paladin blows the Horn of Lordaeron, increasing the total strength and agility of all party members within 30 yards by 17.
  • Lasts 2 minutes and is exclusive with Blessing of Might.

This ability mirrors the Death Knight's Horn of Winter, granting Paladins a significant group buff for both strength and agility.


Seal of Martyrdom

  • Fills you with the Holy Spirit for 30 seconds, causing each of your melee attacks to deal 30% weapon damage to up to three nearby targets.
  • You lose health equal to 10% of the damage inflicted.
  • While the seal is active, your party members within 40 yards gain mana equal to 2% of all damage you take.
  • Unleashing the seal will judge an enemy instantly, causing 70% weapon damage at the cost of health equal to 10% of the damage inflicted.

Seal of Martyrdom introduces a potent Paladin cleave ability, particularly useful for dungeons and raids. It also benefits the party with mana generation.


Divine Storm

  • An instant weapon attack that causes 110% of weapon damage to up to four enemies within 8 yards.
  • Divine Storm heals up to three party or raid members, totaling 25% of the damage caused.

Divine Storm is a versatile cleave ability that can be used in various situations, including group quests, dungeons, and raids. Its healing component makes it a valuable asset in group content.


Leg Engravings

Next, let's explore the leg enchants exclusive to Paladins:

Season of Discovery Paladin Class Leg Engravings



  • Exorcism can now be cast on any target and has a 100% increased critical strike chance against Undead and demons.

Exorcist enhances the efficiency of Exorcism, offering additional utility when facing Undead and demons in your adventures.


Divine Sacrifice

  • Redirects 30% of all damage taken by party members within 30 yards to the Paladin for 10 seconds.
  • Damage that reduces the Paladin below 20% health will break the effect and grant the Paladin a 10% increased damage and healing done for 10 seconds.

Divine Sacrifice is a powerful defensive ability that can save your party members in challenging encounters while granting you a damage and healing boost when needed.



  • Interrupts spell casting and prevents any spell from that school from being cast for two seconds.

Rebuke provides Paladins with an essential interrupt ability, allowing them to disrupt enemy spellcasters effectively.


Avengers Shield

  • Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing holy damage and dazing them before jumping to additional nearby enemies.
  • Affects three total targets and lasts 10 seconds.

Avengers Shield is a versatile ability that can be used for both crowd control and dealing damage to multiple enemies.


Inspiration Exemplar

  • Your inspiring presence periodically dispels fear and sleep effects on nearby party members.

This ability is especially valuable in PvP situations, as it helps protect your party from crowd control effects.


Hand Engravings

Finally, let's take a look at the hand abilities exclusive to Paladins:

Season of Discovery Paladin Class Hand Engravings


Hand of Reckoning

  • Taunts the target to attack you.
  • While this ability is active, the threat bonus from Righteous Fury is increased to 80%.
  • Righteous Fury causes you to gain mana when healed by others equal to 25% of the amount healed.
  • Damage that takes you below 35% health is reduced to 20% while Righteous Fury is active.

Hand of Reckoning grants Paladins a powerful taunt ability, and it synergizes well with the Righteous Fury talent, enhancing both their threat generation and survivability.


Crusader Strike

  • An instant strike that causes 75% weapon damage and regenerates 2% of your maximum mana.

Crusader Strike is a familiar ability for Paladins, providing them with a reliable source of damage and mana regeneration.


Beacon of Light

  • The target becomes a beacon of light to all members of your party or raid within a 60-yard radius.
  • Any heals you cast on party or raid members will also heal the beacon for 100% of the amount healed.
  • Only one target can be the beacon of light at a time.

Beacon of Light solidifies the Paladin's role as a powerful healer, allowing them to efficiently heal and support their group members.


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The Classic WoW Season of Discovery introduces a range of new abilities and spells for the Paladin class. These additions enhance their versatility, making them formidable tanks, damage dealers, and healers. With unique abilities like Seal of Martyrdom, Divine Sacrifice, and Beacon of Light, Paladins are poised to become a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP content.


As you prepare for the Season of Discovery, consider how these new abilities can complement your chosen Paladin build. Experiment with different combinations to maximize your effectiveness in various situations, from solo questing to high-stakes raids. The versatility and utility these new abilities bring will surely make Paladins a popular and impactful class in Classic WoW.

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