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RuneScape 3 High Gold Profit Crafting Methods With AFK Training

Are you a dedicated RuneScape 3 player looking to make the most out of your crafting skills? You may be looking to capitalize on the last day of bonus XP or perhaps you are looking for a method of crafting that is both profitable and relaxing while you are offline. We will share a number of high-profit crafting methods in RuneScape 3 which allow for AFK training in this article.


RuneScape 3 High Gold Profit Crafting Methods With AFK Training


Dragon Necklaces: A Gem of a Crafting Method

We will begin by describing a fantastic craft method involving the creation of dragon necklaces. This method is versatile and allows you to make a tidy profit by creating these valuable necklaces with dragonstones and gold bars. In addition, combat bracelets, rings of wealth, and other dragonstone jewelry can also be crafted to generate profit. Dragon necklaces, however, are the most popular item.


Why Dragon Necklaces?

RuneScape 3 players frequently choose dragon necklaces for their consistency in market demand. Especially for Porters, which are essential to many players, dragon necklaces have become popular. There is the option of selling these necklaces directly on the Grand Exchange or enchanting them for additional profit. If you wish to gain crafting experience while also making RS 3 Gold, this method is a great option.


A Note on Porters and Furnaces

If you have not completed the Family Crest quest, you will not have access to the gold bar storage feature at the furnace. You can nonetheless craft dragon necklaces quite efficiently if you place them near a bank (e.g., at Prifddinas' workshop). Completing the quest allows you to create 28 necklaces in your inventory, which gives you even greater convenience.



To Alch or Not to Alch?

When it comes to dragon necklaces, you have options. You can alchemize them yourself, use a machine, or sell them directly. The choice depends on your account build and preference. It is possible to profit from caching, particularly if you wait for the right moment, such as post-bonus XP events, when prices usually rise.


Enchantment with Extreme Magic Potions

If you intend to enchant dragon necklaces but are lacking the required magic level, consider using extreme magic potions to temporarily increase your level. This will enable you to perform enchantment spells that you would not normally be able to perform.


Lever Crafting: Fast XP and Profit

The crafting method lever crafting offers rapid XP gains in addition to gem crafting. Unlike gem crafting, which tends to be AFK, lever crafting involves more effort and provides excellent XP rates. Keep an eye on lever prices, as they tend to decrease towards the end of bonus XP events.


Royal Dragonhide Bodies: Crafting Excellence

Consider crafting Royal Dragonhide Bodies for high crafting XP rates and decent profit margins. The process involves combining Royal Dragonhides, and you can expect to gain around 350k XP per hour.


Token Spending Strategy

Lastly, make sure you spend your bonus XP tokens wisely. Slayer masks are a priority if you plan to get into Slayer soon, as they offer significant advantages. Use the tokens to unlock masks that will make Slayer easier.


Final thoughts

When you finish your bonus XP session and prepare for regular gameplay, consider these crafting methods for the best possible profit while training your RuneScape 3 skills. There are several excellent options for crafting dragon necklaces, levers, and Royal Dragonhide Bodies, which are both AFK-friendly and profitable at the same time. Make sure that you utilize your bonus XP tokens strategically, and that you are aware of market opportunities.

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