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Magic Weapon Tumeken's shadow guide for old school RuneScape

This guide will help you master Old School RuneScape's deadliest magic weapon Tumeken's shadow and be well prepared for challenging PvM grinds.


Magic Weapon Tumeken


Tumeken's Shadow: Unleashing the Power

Tumeken's shadow is the best magic weapon, hands down. With its three times accuracy multiplier, combined with the magic Relic accuracy boost, it is unstoppable.

Previously difficult to defeat bosses and monsters, such as Tekon Fossa, no longer stand a chance.


Auto Attack Brilliance and PvM Efficiency

Astonishingly, the Tumeken's Shadow's auto-attack capability can dish out 60 to 90 damage every 1.2 seconds, turning PvM grinds like the Co with Giant Rank into cakewalks.


Maximizing Your Strength and Agility

As you relax from the intense battles, don't forget the importance of AFKing to enhance your strength and reach milestones such as 99 cooking.


Slayer Grind and the IMBUED Heart Grind

In Slayer, the IMBUED grind is a significant focus.

With over 100 superiors completed, the journey is demanding and rewarding, especially when acquiring items like the Dragon Harpoon.


Demonic Gorillas and League Points

It is challenging to land multiple Berserker max hits against demonic gorillas when the Tumeken's shadow shines.

By combining Tumeken's shadow attack with Deus hit, you can deal 140 to 150 damage at the beginning of most fights.


Construction and Herblore Training

AFKing for mahogany and selling items from Slayer at a high out shop are key to construction, while herblore training boosts your capabilities for future grinds like Bore.


Achieving Mastery in Combat and Crafting

Combat achievements and crafting mastery are essential. Use your combat prowess to defeat bosses and your crafting skills to create weapons.


Chambers of Xeric and the Quest for Ancestral Pieces

In the Chambers of Xeric, you will face a great challenge, especially when hunting for ancestral pieces, so use the Tumeken's shadow to your advantage here and experiment with different strategies.


Wrapping Up with Slayer and Skilling

Focus on Slayer to maximize league points and skill. Participate in minigames to take a break from the grind.



This guide covers everything you need to know about dominating Old School RuneScape with the ultimate magic weapon.

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