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Diablo 4 S2 Bone Spear Necromancer Build for Abattoir of Zir

This build focuses on survivability and DPS while providing the best balance between the two for Abattoir of Zir - the Bone Spear Necromancer in Diablo 4.


Key Components of the Build

  • Weaponry: We utilize a one-handed sword paired with a lidless shield, which provides solid survivability and decent damage.
  • Stunning Glyph - Tears of Blood: Although theoretical at this point, the Tears of Blood Glyph promises a significant increase in DPS.
  • Focus on skills: Our strategy stresses maximizing the potency of Bone Spears, supplemented by skills such as Bone Splinters and Acolytes, as well as defensive skills such as disobedience for increased protection.


Build Planner


Skill Tree Breakdown

  • Core Skills: Bone Spear with Paranormal, Hued Flesh for corpse generation, and Imperfectly Balanced for enhanced spear damage.
  • Defensive Strategy: One point in Corpse Explosion (Blighted) for its defensive trait, Disobedience, offering up to 66% more armor.
  • Essence Management: Skills like Grim Harvest and Fuel by Death are crucial for maintaining a healthy essence pool.
  • Offensive Optimization: Investments in Death's Embrace and Death Reach amplify damage output at different ranges.


Paragon Boards Insights

  • Starting board: Focus on Prime, ignoring magic nodes for Max Life, and boosting defense and DPS through Sacrifice.
  • Subsequent boards: Designed to enhance survivability (Bone Graft, Scent of Death, Flesh Eater) and maximize damage output (Exploit Glyph, Shaper of Bone).


Gear recommendations

  • Essential Items: Disobedience helmet for armor, Shielding Storm chest for barrier generation, Serration gloves, and Ghost Walkers boots for movement speed synergy.
  • Key Ring and Amulet: Sacrilegious Ring for auto-generating corpse abilities, and Grasping Veins Amulet for a DPS increase.


Affix Priorities

  • Offensive: Crit Strike Chance, Max Essence, Crit Strike Damage.
  • Defensive: Total Armor, Damage Reduction, Max Health.


Selection of gems

It is recommended that armor slots contain maximum health and weapons should have critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies. A balance needs to be struck between elemental resistances as well.


Strategy for gameplay

  • Maintain strength through consistent Bone Spear use, balancing essence efficiently.
  • Use Corpse Tendril wisely for burst damage and position your spear strategically.
  • Use corridors to increase damage by bouncing spears off walls.



The Bone Spear Necromancer build is a powerful damage and durability build. Despite the fact that this variant is not unique to Uber, we anticipate adjusting it following the release, especially with the Tears of Blood glyph

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