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Runescape 3 Gold AFK Making: Crafting Dragonstone Jewellery for Profit

Runescape 3 offers a multi-stage process for crafting and selling Dragonstone Jewellery that can be used to Making Runescape Gold. The guide provides detailed instructions on how to create and sell high-value items with the Lunar spellbook, magic skills, and crafting skills. It is both AFK-friendly and profitable to string amulets or charge rings using this method.


Requirements and Setup

  • Magic Level: Minimum of 80 for stringing jewellery.
  • Lunar Spellbook Access: Essential for the stringing process.
  • Materials: Astral runes (2 per cast), 10 Earth, and 5 Water runes. An elemental battle staff is highly recommended for cost-efficiency.


Stringing Dragonstone Amulets

  • Process: Use the String Jewellery spell to string Dragonstone amulets.
  • Cost: Each stringing costs approximately 2,000 coins (including the cost of runes).
  • AFK Friendly: This method offers relaxed and efficient magic XP gains.


Buying vs Crafting Amulets

  • Option 1: Purchase unstrung Dragonstone amulets. Example price: 8.5k GP per amulet.
  • Option 2: Craft the amulets yourself. Alternative options include combat bracelets or Dragonstone necklaces, potentially yielding higher profits.


Enchanting and Charging Process

  • Enchantment: Switch to the standard spellbook and use cosmic runes for enchanting Dragonstone amulets into Amulets of Glory.
  • Cost of Enchantment: Approximately 2.5k GP per amulet (including the cost of runes).
  • Charging Amulets: Use a Geyser Titan familiar for charging, akin to the Fountain of Heroes.


Profit Calculation

  • Selling Price: Uncharged Glory amulets can surprisingly sell for more than charged ones (e.g., 15k GP for uncharged vs 13k GP for charged).
  • Total Investment: The combined cost of buying/making, stringing, and enchanting amulets.


Exploring Ring of Wealth

  • Potential Gold Maker: Crafting and selling Ring of Wealth (both charged and uncharged versions).
  • Market Research: Always check the Grand Exchange for current prices and margins.


Maximizing Efficiency

  • Processing: Work on large quantities at a time for consistent profits.
  • Monitoring Market Trends: Regularly check the prices for fluctuations and adjust your selling strategy accordingly.


Closing Thoughts:

In Runescape 3, players can earn lots of gold by crafting Dragonstone Jewellery. Using market research and efficient resource management, players can earn huge profits by stringing, enchanting, and charging amulets, and expanding into rings.

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