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Diablo 4 S2 Necromancer Blood Surge Speed Farm Build for Abattoir of Zir

Diablo 4 Season 2 Necromancer Blood Surge Speed Farm Build focuses on maximizing damage output and survivability, so you can easily dominate the Abattoir of Zir. Let's look at mechanics, gear, and gameplay strategies.



Build Overview

  • Primary skill: Blood Surge
  • Key Mechanics: Infinite Bone Storm Barrier, high armor and life, and resource generation.
  • Playstyle: Aggressive, continuous use of Blood Surge, leveraging critical strikes and overpowers.


Core Build Components

  • Blood Surge Technique: The crux of this build. Use Blood Surge continuously for damage and mobility.
  • Armor and Life: Aim for 16,000 armor and 20,000 life to sustain through tough encounters.
  • Resource Generation: Critical for maintaining Blood Surge. Look for gear with Essence generation and resource boosts.


Build Planner


Gear Selection

  • Weapon: Prioritize Critical Strike damage and overpower.
  • Armor Pieces: Focus on damage reduction, armor, and life. Look for items that boost Blood Surge effectiveness.
  • Rings and Talismans: Seek out items that enhance resource generation and Critical Strike efficiency.
  • Unique Considerations: Expose to Flash and Banish Lord's Talisman are crucial for Essence generation and damage amplification.



Gameplay Strategy

  • Blood Surge Spamming: Your main tactic. Dash, shield, and continuously use Blood Surge.
  • Bone Storm Management: Keep this up for protection and additional damage.
  • Targeting Seekers: Position yourself strategically to maximize damage and minimize threat.
  • Resource Management: Balance your Essence usage to maintain constant Blood Surge attacks.


Advanced Tips

  • Critical Strike Optimization: Aim for a Critical Strike chance of around 90%. This drastically boosts your overall damage output.
  • Essence Management: Learn to manage your Essence efficiently. This is key to uninterrupted Blood Surge spam.
  • Boss Encounters: Adjust your playstyle for bosses, focusing on dodging and timed Bone Storms.



In Diablo 4 S2, Blood Surge Speed Farm Build is a powerful tool for Necromancers. As you practice you will be able to clear the Abattoir of Zir effortlessly with the right gear, strategy, and practice.

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