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Diablo 4 S2 Ultimate Ball Lightning Sorcerer Guide for Abattoir of Zir Endgame

You might be looking for a build to conquer the Abattoir of Zir in Diablo 4. In this guide, I will show you how to farm glyphs efficiently rather than pushing limits. I will cover the Tears of Blood glyph, which increases your sorcerer's damage significantly.


Understanding the Abattoir of Zir

Abattoir of Zir is a new endgame challenge requiring strategic gameplay and optimized builds.

It is the primary objective here to increase the Tears of Blood glyph, which increases cumulative damage by 82% at the present time.

This is not just about pushing through higher tiers.


Optimal Glyph Farming Strategy

To optimize glyph farming efficiency, I recommend focusing on tier 6 and 7dungeons.

These levels provide a good balance between difficulty and glyph XP yield, allowing completion in about 2 to 2.5 minutes.


Build Overview

In this build, the Ball Lightning spell is enhanced with specific enchantments and gear choices in order to maximize damage output while ensuring survivability.

Teleport Enchant for mobility and damage reduction

Chain lightning for sustained vulnerable effects

A blend of spells like Unstable Currents, Firewall, and Ice Blades for diverse elemental damage


Build Planner:


Skill Tree and Vampire Powers

Focus on maxing out Ball Lightning and Static Discharge

Incorporate skills like Mana Shield and Elemental Dominance for defense and damage enhancement

Choose vampire powers like Ravenous for attack speed and Domination for damage to stunned enemies


Gear and Uniques

Opt for items that provide a balance of damage, armor, and cooldown reduction

Recommended uniques include Sho (or God Slayer Crown) and Arment chest piece

Ensure your gear supports the build's focus on quick, efficient damage and survivability


Paragon Board and Glyph Placement

Initially, place the Tears of Blood glyph in an easily accessible slot

As you level up the glyph, aim to position it centrally for maximum stat boosts

Adapt the board to suit your playstyle, balancing damage and defense


Gameplay Tips

Focus on fast, efficient dungeon runs, prioritizing glyph farming

Use your abilities strategically to handle tougher enemies like Blood Seekers

Experiment with different tiers to find your most efficient farming level.



In Diablo 4 Season 2, the Ball Lightning Sorcerer build is designed to help players efficiently farm the Tears of Blood glyph. Despite its limitations, it offers a practical approach to improving your sorcerer's abilities. 

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