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How to Make Runescape 3 GP with Necromancy Rituals?

In Runescape 3, Necromancy Rituals can help you maximize your profits. The Powerful Essence ritual is a lesser-known but highly profitable passive training method that can significantly boost your Runescape GP earnings. It is ideal for high-level players.



Requirements and setup

To effectively perform the Powerful Essence ritual, a minimum of 95 Necromancy is recommended, although reaching 99 allows the use of the cap perk for an additional multiply 3 glyph, which can add approximately 2 million GP to your hourly earnings.


Preset Configuration

  • Mask: Halloween Pumpkin Mask (powered up) or Insult Pumpkin Mask.
  • Candles: Regular candles, aligning perfectly with the 12 ritual timer for tier 2 glyphs.
  • Supplies: Various inks, ectoplasm, a stack of pure Essence.
  • Gear: 99 or 120 Necromancy cape (for its perk), a te of um two (for teleports and perks), Silverhawks, Nimble outfit, and Wilderness sword four.


Ritual Execution

Once at the ritual site, set up the Powerful Essence ritual. 

This requires:

  • 4 Elemental 3 glyphs
  • 2 Change 3 glyphs
  • 2 Change 2 glyphs

Fill remaining spots with multiplying 3 glyphs


Tune the Necromancy cape for an extra multiply 3 glyph and use a necromancy potion to boost to level 103 if needed.

This setup offers a 3.4 times multiplier, yielding 1,200 impure Essence and 51 ectoplasm per ritual.

With current GE prices, this translates to over 500k cash per ritual.


Efficiency and Maintenance

The Powerful Essence ritual takes approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete. 

At maximum efficiency, you can complete around 36 rituals per hour. 

It's crucial to ignore all ritual disturbances for optimal speed, allowing you to multitask.


For XP enthusiasts, engaging in disturbances is optional. 

Over 36 rituals, expect to use:

  • 12 regular candles
  • 22 regular ink
  • 64 greater ink
  • 32 powerful ink
  • 28.8k pure Essence
  • 24 ectoplasm

This amounts to roughly 7.5 million GP in costs per hour.


Profit calculation

Based on current GE rates, the output of 36K impure essence and 1,836 ectoplasm per hour would result in approximately 21.5 million GP in earnings, or just over 14 million GP profit per hour.



This passive training method in Runescape 3's Necromancy does not only provide substantial GP earnings, but also makes it possible for high-level players to multitask effectively. Follow this guide to make significant profits while engaging in other activities while performing your Necromancy rituals.

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