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Old School RuneScape Sage's Axe Guide for High-Level Bosses

The Sage's Axe is a game-changing weapon in Old School RuneScape. You've probably heard all the hype about it. It's not just hype - it's a true game-changer. In addition to delivering incredible hits of 750, this weapon is a must-have for any serious player.


Old School RuneScape Sage


Unlocking the Sage's Axe

The Sage's Axe requires 24,000 game points to unlock.

It may seem like a steep price, but the advantage it brings to high-level gameplay cannot be overstated.


Using Sage's Axe

Sage's Axe's signature feature is its execution ability.

When a monster drops below 20% health, you can strike.

A well-timed hit can decimate even the toughest bosses, which makes it particularly useful in raids and boss battles.


Strategic considerations

To fully utilize Sage's Axe, consider pairing it with other high-level gear. An Armadyl Crossbow (ACB) can be an excellent addition, especially for tackling the Inferno and the Six Jads Challenge. The synergy between these items can elevate your performance significantly.


Maximizing Your Hits

Timing is everything with Sage's Axe. In my experience, hitting a boss right as it dips below the 20% threshold can yield massive damage.

This can be a game-changer in tough raids, potentially turning the tide in your favor.


Item Combinations and Strategies

For an optimal raid level, combining the Sage's Axe with items like the Saradomin Hilt and obtaining a Toxic Blowpipe can significantly enhance your effectiveness.

This combination can make a noticeable difference in your raid performance.


The Power of the Sage's Axe in Action

In practice, the Sage's Axe can dramatically shorten boss fights.

For instance, in a recent raid, the axe helped me clear rooms in record time, thanks to its high damage output.

In scenarios where bosses heal or have high defense, the Sage's Axe proves invaluable.


Conclusion and Tips for Improvement

Sage's Axe is an extremely powerful weapon in OSRS that can dramatically improve your high-level play. However, it is not only about having the axe, but also using it strategically. To maximize its potential, it is important to utilize timing, strategically select gear combinations, and understand boss mechanics.

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