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RuneScape 3 Buffed Invoke Lord of Bones Incantation Guides

Invoke Lord of Bones, dropped by Vorath in both normal and hard modes, has been the focus of discussion in RuneScape 3. This incantation gained substantial traction post-patch after proving itself useful in different boss fights. The purpose of this guide is to analyze its functionality and assess its utility.


RuneScape 3 Buffed Invoke Lord of Bones Incantation Guides


What is the Lord of Bones Incantation?

When you activate the Lord of Bones incantation, your skeleton conjure mirrors its previous damage output for 60 seconds, but adds an additional debuff: Shattering Bones. With each skeleton attack, this debuff decreases the armor rating. It stacks throughout the incantation, reducing hit chance reduction and splashing at bosses.


Impact on Specific Bosses


- Verago

Utility: High

Applying this incantation before each Verago phase proves beneficial, especially for beginners. It enhances accuracy without additional items like Staus Warhammer. This incantation shines in longer phases, where sustained attacks weaken Verago, allowing for more effective hits.


- Telos

Utility: Exceptional

At Telos, the incantation excels, catering to both veterans and new players. By invoking it pre-battle, players can quickly achieve a 100% hit chance, circumventing accuracy penalties typically associated with bruise consumption or lower necromancy levels.


- Araxxor (Araxxi)

Utility: Optimal

The incantation aligns perfectly with Araxxor's fight mechanics. As the initial phase lasts around a minute, players can utilize this period to both build stacks and facilitate easier hits on the boss. This makes it a strategic choice.


- Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru

Utility: Situational

While its impact on Beastmaster Durzag is limited due to high base accuracy, it can be a game-changer in groups with less experienced players. At Yakamaru, however, its effectiveness is diminished due to stack resets at each pool.


- Nex

Utility: Highly effective.

Nex benefits significantly from the incantation. Its ability to be activated prior to the boss's appearance or during phase transitions makes it a seamless addition to combat strategy. This enhances hit chance and overall damage output.


Final Verdict

While the Lord of Bones incantation shines in specific situations, its niche nature limits its universal appeal. The cost of 250-300 million Runescape GP makes it a substantial investment. It's best for players tackling challenging content like solo Angel of Death or Vorago. Those learning combat nuances or upgrading might find it lower on their priority list. 



Lord of Bones incantation is specialized for boss fights of high level. Although it is not essential for everyone, its recent buffs make it an attractive option for players who want to maximize damage. RuneScape 3 high-end upgrades are worth their weight depending on your individual goals and content engagement.

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