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Old School Runescape Enchanted Bolts Tier List

Whether you're battling in Old School Runescape PVP or adventuring in PVM, understanding their nuances will significantly improve your gameplay. We'll compare the standard and Dragon bolt variants, discuss their effects, and rank them in a comprehensive tier list.


Understanding Enchanted Bolts: The Basics

There are unique effects associated with enchanted bolts in Runescape.

The enchantments add a layer of strategy to your ranged attacks, from armor piercing to elemental advantages.

Dragon bolts are significantly stronger than their standard counterparts.


Diamond Bolts: A Closer Look

The armor-piercing effect of diamond bolts, both standard and Dragon, makes them extremely useful under Zerker enhancements.

A key advantage of the Dragon variant is its ability to maintain effectiveness even when your range is reduced, such as by brewing down.

This makes them extremely reliable when your stats are compromised.


Enchanted Bolts Tier List


Pearl Bolts (F Tier)

Effect: Water splash causing extra damage, influenced by the target's resistance.

Very limited in damage potential.

Visually appealing but practically ineffective.


Topaz Bolts (E Tier)

Effect: Drains the target's magic level slightly.

Minimal impact in combat scenarios.


Jade Bolts (C Tier)

Effect: Triggers a rock slide, stunning the target.

Unique animation but less effective on players with high agility.

Ranked for its cool animation but limited utility.


Opal Bolts (B Tier)

Effect: Lucky Lightning, dealing extra damage.

Best used in PVP, particularly when boosted with Dragon strength.

Limitation: Less practical outside PVP environments.


Sapphire Bolts (B Tier)

Effect: Useful in both PVM (like the Phantom Muspah) and PVP.

Versatile and effective, especially for Smite tactics.


Emerald Bolts  (A Tier)

Effect: Inflicts poison on the target.

Utility depends on the context and target resistance.


Dragonstone Bolts (A Tier)

Effect: Dragon fire strike, more effective against certain targets.

Slightly hindered in PVP due to common countermeasures.


Ruby Bolts (S Tier)

Effect: Deals significant damage, especially effective with the Zar crossbow.

Among the best bolts for high damage output.


Diamond Bolts (S Tier)

Effect: Ignores target defense and boosts damage, effective even when stats are reduced.

Highly reliable and powerful, especially in Dragon form.


Onyx Bolts (S+ Tier)

Effect: Leeches target's vitality, healing the player.

High alchemy value, making them extremely profitable.



The following is our comprehensive list of enchanted bolts in Old School Runescape. Remember to pick the best bolt based on your particular scenario, whether it is PVP combat or PVM adventures. Each bolt has its own advantages, so make your choice wisely and may your arrows fly correctly.

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