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Runescape 3 Abyssal Beasts AFK Level Up Necromancy Skill Training Guides

Are you looking for a way to efficiently level up your necromancy while AFK? My current journey towards 120 Necromancy highlights the Abyssal Beast as a prime monster for AFK training. Following a brief hiatus following 115 Necromancy, I have found a good balance between productive multitasking and AFK gameplay.


Why the Abyssal Beasts?

Abyssal Beasts, especially in a personal slayer dungeon, are my top pick for several reasons:

  • Superior Drops: Compared to other Abyssal creatures, these beasts offer more valuable loot, making them not just a means for XP gain but also a decent Runscape 3 Gold maker.
  • Enhanced XP Rates: They provide better combat XP, crucial for efficient Necromancy leveling.
  • Personal Slay Dungeon Advantage: This setting increases drop rates and XP, making it a lucrative training spot.


Inventory and Setup

To maximize your training session, here's what I recommend:

  • Elder Overloads & Aggression Potions: Essential for prolonged AFK sessions (about 1.5 hours).
  • Gem Bag & Coin Pouch: Handy for collecting valuable drops like uncut Dragon stones.
  • Spring Cleaner & Auto Cleaner: These will automate the collection of high-level rune drops.
  • Charm Placeholders (Blue and Crimson): Keep these for potential future use.
  • Bunyip & Penance Powder: For health regeneration and session sustainability.
  • Teleport Tab & Exoplasm: Useful for quick travel and familiar support.
  • Excalibur: A backup for emergency healing.


Tips for Effective Training

  • Stay Centered: Position yourself in the middle of the beast for optimal engagement.
  • Regular Inventory Checks: Empty your gem bag and coin pouch frequently.
  • Keep an Eye on Potions: Overload and aggression potions are key to AFK efficiency.
  • Utilize Familiars: Ghost and Skeleton familiars can significantly aid in combat.


Other Monsters for Necromancy Training

While Abyssal Beasts are my primary choice, consider these alternatives:

  • Corporeal Beast: Offers high XP and potential profits.
  • Calyx Queen: Provides a decent mix of AFK ability and efficiency.



With the right setup and strategy, you can work towards 120 Necromancy efficiently while managing other tasks in Runescape 3. Abyssal Beasts in a personal slayer dungeon offer the optimal balance between AFK training, XP gain, and profit-making. It is important not only to enjoy the process of reaching 120, but to maximize your gameplay. Happy training!

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