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RuneScape 3 the 15-Minute AFK Combat with Potion Reservoir Guides

Potion Reservoir is perfect for players looking to maximize their combat skills in RuneScape 3. Learn how to use this game-changing tool all about tips, tricks, and essential requirements.



What You Need

  • Invention level of 112: This is crucial for accessing Potion Reservoir. If you're not there yet, don't sweat it. Invention levels up fairly quickly.
  • Materials for Potion Reservoir: You'll need a potion flask, simple parts, and clear parts. Most of these are easy to acquire or craft.


The Process

  • Head to the Invention Bench: Navigate to the combat support section and find the Potion Reservoir.
  • Crafting Potion Reservoir: Each reservoir gives you 150 Invention XP. You'll need those clear parts, which I'll cover shortly.


The Ultimate Load: Holy Aggro Overload

  • Combine Benefits: The Holy Aggro Overload combines prayer restoration, overload, and aggression potion effects in one.
  • Note: Only one Potion Reservoir can be active at a time, so make it count!


Acquiring Clear Parts

Clear parts can be a bit tricky. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Cheap Option: Disassembling vials is cost-effective but time-consuming.
  • Efficient Option: Earth orbs offer a better time-to-clear-parts ratio.
  • The Ideal Choice for RuneScape Veterans: Disassemble rubies for clear parts, faceted components, and precious materials.


Making the Most of Your Components

The use or sale of other components: Extra components, such as enhancing components from Earth orbs or precious components from rubies, can be used to make profitable crafts.


Beyond Crafting: Maximizing XP

  • Rest XP in Your Fort: While crafting, you can earn rest XP in skills by being in your fort.
  • Alternative Locations for Extra Benefits: Locations like Menaphos offer faction rep while crafting, adding an extra layer of benefit to your efforts.



It is most efficient to level up your Invention skill by using Potion Reservoirs loaded with Holy Aggro Overloads. This setup is very effective in improving combat progressions and combat efficiency.

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