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Runescape 3 Easy Methods to Make Gold Strategies

There are numerous strategies that can be used to earn gold in Runescape 3, including both PVM and non-PVM methods. Regardless of your luck, you will be able to earn Runescape gold every hour by using a variety of activities, including Elite Dungeon 1, Alchemist Keys, Runecrafting, Zamak bosses, and Clue Scrolls.


Elite Dungeon 1 (ED1) – A Reliable PVM Method

Based on current market prices, Elite Dungeon 1 offers players a steady income potential of approximately 61 million gold points per hour.

  • Strategy: Focus on collecting ancient scales from Seru. On average, you can obtain 14 scales per run, each valued at approximately 1.1 million GP. The key is consistency and practice. The more runs you complete, the better your earning potential.
  • Benefits: Guaranteed gold per run, with a minimum earning of 4-5 million GP, even with the lowest scale count.
  • Tips: Check out the linked ED1 guide in the description for detailed strategies and tips to improve your efficiency.


Alchemist Keys – Non-PVM, High-Profit Method

Buying Alchemist Keys from the Grand Exchange and using them in the Zamorakian Dungeon offers a straightforward way to make gold.

  • Execution: Through the use of a yak and a preset inventory, you are able to open the Alchemist chest efficiently, resulting in over 10 million GP in profit in a matter of minutes.
  • Potential Earnings: Approximately 20 million GP per hour, making it a low-effort, high-reward activity.
  • Tips: Slowly purchasing the keys and processing Nightshade into weapon poison will further increase profits.


Runecrafting – Consistent, skill-based earning

Crafting dust runes, with earnings ranging from 20 to 25 million GP per hour, depending on your efficiency and equipment.

  • Requirements: High-level Runecrafting is necessary, but it's a worthwhile investment for consistent gold and additional Runecrafting XP.
  • Considerations: Keep an eye on the market for the most profitable runes at any given time.


Zamak Boss: Predictable returns on PVM

Targeting Zamak at 100% enrage offers a balance of challenge and profitability. Each kill nets you between 3 and 6 million GP, with potential hourly earnings of 40 to 60 million GP.

Strategy: Focus on consistent, successful kills rather than chasing rare drops. Mitigation mechanics ensure that even if you're unlucky with rares, your overall GP rates remain high.


Clue Scrolls (Hard Variant) – Diverse Gold Making

Completing hard Clue Scrolls can earn you 1 to 1.5 million GP per scroll. Skilled players can achieve 40 million GP per hour.

Requirements: Investment in the Globe Trotter outfit and an efficient setup is key. The initial effort and learning curve are high, but the consistent returns are worth it.



There are five reliable ways to earn gold in Runescape 3 that cater to different play styles and preferences. In order to maximize these gold-making strategies, practice and efficiency are your best friends. There is a method here for those who enjoy PVM, skill-based activities, or repetitive tasks.

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