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Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Tips for the Latest Post-Patch 1.2.3a

You need to know about the recent Abattoir of Zir update (Patch 1.2.3a). This article will help you better understand the nuances of this new gaming environment. I previously covered the basics in another article.


Monster Damage and Health Point Adjustments

  • Post-Patch Scenario: Monster damage is nerfed by 20%, effectively giving players a 25% increase in effective health points (EHP).
  • Glyphic Speed Increase: At Tier 5, the glyphic speed is up by about 50%, and it triples at Tier 10. The increase continues, albeit less dramatically, in higher tiers.
  • Realistic Goals: Reaching level 200 CFF by season's end might still be ambitious, but level 50 is attainable with dedication.


Difficulty Scaling in Early Tiers

  • Notable Change: The difficulty for earlier tiers has been reduced. For example, the monster level at Tier 1 is now 144, down from 155.
  • Impact: This makes entry-level tiers more accessible to a broader range of players, allowing for quicker glyph leveling.


Strategic Farming

  • Optimized Glyph Grinding: Instead of pushing for higher tiers, focus on lower ones for more efficient glyph XP gains.
  • Build Efficiency: Some builds, like the TB Rogue, can complete lower tiers in as little as 2-4 minutes, making them ideal for fast Diablo 4 Gold farming.


Difficulty Curve

  • Early Tier Observations: Difficulty ramps up significantly from Tier 1 to Tier 10, with a spikier curve than before.
  • Advice: Be prepared for a substantial difficulty spike, especially if your build is not fully optimized.


Breaking Down HP Scaling and GXP Rewards

  • HP Scaling: Every five tiers, there's a roughly 100% jump in monster HP, unlike the more linear 20% increase per tier.
  • GXP Rewards: These do not mirror the HP jumps, meaning higher tiers don't necessarily offer proportionally higher rewards.


Grinding Strategy

  • Effective Farming: Aim for tiers just below the multiples of five (e.g., Tier 4, 9, 14) to avoid drastic difficulty spikes.
  • Time Management: Choose tiers where you can maintain consistent, efficient run times.


Tier 25: The Unbeatable Challenge?

  • Observation: There's a massive difficulty leap from Tier 24 to 25, likely making Tier 25 currently unbeatable.
  • Insight: This may be an intentional design choice to set a limit on achievable tiers.



The Abattoir of Zir patch for Diablo 4 introduces significant changes, especially with respect to difficulty scaling. 

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