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Runescape 3 Gold Easy AFK Method with Invention Guides

Making gold in Runescape 3 can be a time-consuming endeavor, but with the right strategy, it's possible to do so efficiently and with minimal effort. One such strategy involves using the Auto Disassembler Mark I and II in the Invention skill. This guide will walk you through a straightforward method to generate substantial gold while being AFK, leveraging high-level Invention.


Initial Requirements

  • Invention Level: A minimum level of 101 in Invention is necessary, although reaching level 105 is beneficial for reducing junk (Junk Reduction 9).
  • Starting Capital: An investment of around 10 million GP is required to get started.
  • Equipment Needed: Auto Disassembler Mark I and preferably Mark II, available at the Falador Invention Guild.


Purchasing Materials

  • Acquire Maple logs as they offer a good balance of cost and efficiency.
  • Purchase Divine charges, essential for powering your machines.


Setting Up Your Machines

If you have access to two Auto Disassemblers, use them for maximum output.

Load each machine with up to 13,000 Maple logs.


Processing Time

After setting up your machines in the Falador Invention Guild, a waiting period of one week and two days is required.

Each machine will process the logs into simple parts.


Harvesting Simple Parts

Post the waiting period, you can collect an average of 7,500 simple parts per machine.

With two machines, this amounts to around 15,000 simple parts.


Crafting Divine Charges

Utilize the simple parts to make Divine charges.

This process is time-consuming, taking about 30 minutes to complete.


Selling for Profit

Divine charges typically sell for around 25k each.

The expected profit margin is between 8 to 9 million GP, offsetting the initial 10 million GP investment.


Routine Maintenance

This method allows for a weekly cycle of replenishing logs and crafting new charges.

Regularly engaging in this cycle can ensure a consistent stream of income.



By following these steps, players with a high level of Invention can engage in an effective, low-effort method of making gold in Runescape 3. The key is patience and regular maintenance of the machines. This AFK method not only saves time but also guarantees a steady income, making it an excellent strategy for long-term wealth accumulation in the game.

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