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Diablo 4 Ghostwalker Aspect for Season 2 Necromancer Guides

In Diablo 4, adventurers are about to get an in-depth examination of the Ghostwalker Aspect, a legendary game changer especially for Necromancers. This aspect can be found on boots and amulets that make the user move faster than ever before while on the battlefield.


Getting the Ghostwalker Aspect

When thinking about acquiring this power for your character, boots are the best place to focus since there aren't so many other competing aspects for Druids. Because there are more boot aspects for Necromancers, it is harder for them to get one. Still, persistence pays off handsomely.


Unlocking Unstoppable Speed

It should be noted that The Ghostwalker Aspect is more than just an item, but rather it provides a tactical advantage. After activating Unstoppable and for four seconds thereafter, it adds between 10% and 25% movement rate enhancement plus the ability to pass through enemies while on move. For example, Blood Mist used by Necromancers can decrease speed among others abilities when triggered but with ghostwalker such reduction is overridden; potentially it turns into a 25% speed increment.


Synergizing with Necromancer Abilities

Just think about what combinations of other necromancer aspects that improve speed during unstoppable would look like if you included ghostwalker with it? Rather than just compensating Blood Mist's speed drop by giving a 25% boost to your necro doing this makes him flea at top speed possible because of the synergy. When centered on blood mist builds like this one is significant.


Utilizing Vampiric Powers

Sometimes people fail to appreciate abilities like Metamorphosis which renders you Unstoppable for four seconds. This is another situation where combining with ghostwalker results in a big movement increase. If you are using ravenous however, this amount translates into a significant attack speed boost.


Strategic Mobility in Combat

The Ghostwalker Aspect isn't just about speed but is more of a tool that helps players escape from any kind of complicated situation. Whenever you are surrounded, frozen or find yourself in an otherwise difficult spot, popping Unstoppable not only makes you move faster, but it also allows you to glide through crowds of enemies thus ensuring a quick and safe withdrawal.


Choosing the Right Gear

There may be other boot options such as Penitent Greaves; however the Ghostwalker Aspect stands out because it is very unique when it comes to boosting mobility. In order to build an optimized set up for your boots as flexible gear slot, consider focusing on aspects that involve tactical benefits instead of raw strength.


Conclusion and Further Exploration

If you are playing Necromancer or any other character in need of fast movement then Ghostwalker Aspect is something that should be explored widely. It is not about running fast alone; it is also about being able to evade and outlast your foes. For more insights and advanced strategies, stay tuned to our Diablo 4 guides.

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