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Runescape 3 Anti-PKing: Maximize Gold Gains in Wilderness

In Runescape, player-versus-player combat in the Wilderness can be a high-stakes game. Not only does being an anti-PK master increase your odds of survival, it also converts potential losses into huge Runescape Gold gains. Player Goose expertly created one of the simplest and most effective methods of anti-PKing that anyone can use to prevent being PKed.


The Strategy: Deception and Counter-Attack

The main idea in this method is deception. Put on full Dharok's gear and position yourself at the Revenants caves. Most PKers will then assume you are an easy target and engage you. This is where your Anti-Strategy comes in handy. For a powerful counterattack, use a combination of Vengeance, Dharok's set, Void Waker and Armadyl Godsword (AGS).


The Initial Encounter: Playing the Easy Target

Once a PKer has engaged you, underestimate him/her immediately. By pretending to be an easy kill, he/she might relax his/her guard. It's important for this plan to work out well.


The Turnaround: Vengeance and Surprise Attack

When ready, click Vengeance followed by attacking with AGS. The Dharok's effect that makes damage higher as health decreases synchronizes with this surprise attack perfectly. The Void Waker serves as one more surprise element which may make your opponent unprepared for such attack.


The Results: Lucrative Rewards

If executed correctly, using this tactic can yield great rewards. In just minutes you could turn the tables on your attacker leading to massive loot profits. Earnings of millions within one encounter are not unheard of.


Additional Tips

  • Patience is Key: Wait for the right moment to strike – timing is everything when it comes to anti-PKing.
  • Be Prepared: Ensure your gear and inventory are set up for both defense and a sudden attack.
  • Learn from Each Encounter: Every PKer behaves differently. Parse, analyze and adapt based on each of the fights.
  • Stay Calm: Stay unflustered even if the situation is dire. Panic can make you make mistakes.



Runescape Anti-PKing is an exciting and lucrative business. This simple yet powerful technique will help you turn your adventures in the Wilderness from risky to rewarding. The Wilderness is all about who can surprise whom first. You are on your way to becoming an expert at avoiding PKers and turning them into gold-making occasions by following this guide.

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