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ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcanist PvE DPS Guide | Update 40

Hello there enthusiastic fellows in ESO! This guide we are going to explore the secrets of the arcanist DPS build. It will cover everything from attribute distribution, gear choices to champion points so that you are ready for any challenge that ESO throws at you. Our focus should not only revolve around hitting huge damage but also adapting to various situations which could range from boss fights to giant AOE encounters.


ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcanist PvE DPS Guide | Update 40


Attributes and Essentials

ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcaanist PvE DPS Attributes



  • Stamina Focus: For optimal sustain and higher damage ceiling put 64 points into stamina though sometimes it may be viable to invest in magicka too.
  • Health Consideration: Reshuffling some points into health around arc 7 can help with survival in Infinite Archive.


Races for DPS:

Flexible Choices: All races work but some top dps options are [Race examples].


Mundus Stone:

  • General Content: The Thief because critical chance increases.
  • Infinite Archive: Probably The Lady for resistance cap but generally people prefer The Thief.



  • Food and Drinks: Foods rich in stamina such as blue bi-stat food are recommended. Recovery foods can be essential in Infinite Archive.
  • Potions: Whenever possible use tri-resource return potions for most scenarios while heroism potions helps generate more ultimates in high-end content. Resistance potions are vital in Infinite Archive.


Champion Points

Arcanist's Ease: Champion point allocation for Arcanists is very fluid. The standard involves Biting Aura, Theurge, and Wrathful Strikes. However, the fourth slot changes – options like Fighting Finesse, Backstabber, Exploiter or Untamed Aggression can be slotted depending on situation.

ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcaanist PvE DPS Champion Points


Gear Options

ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcaanist Gear Options

  • Top End DPS: Maelstrom staff on back bar and a mix of Slimecraw, Veloy Herma's Amulet, Coral Riptide and Deadly Strike.
  • Trial Gear Alternative: Pillar of Nirn can substitute Deadly Strike for single target focus.
  • Non-Trial Sets: Order's Wrath and Deadly Strike for non-trial setup that has strong impact.
  • Infinite Archive Specific: Survival and resistance adaptation sets such as Pale Order, Black Rose Prison Dual Wield, and Rolls Command.


Skills and Rotation

ESO Stamina and Magicka Arcaanist Skills and Rotation


Front Bar Skills:

  • Must-haves: Camouflaged Hunter, Blade Cloak, Barb Trap, Spolar Flail, Fate Carver.
  • Ultimate: Flawless Dawnbreaker is an ultimate which increases both weapon damage spell power.


Back Bar Skills:

  • Flex spot for defensive buffs.
  • Essentials: Elemental Blockade, Fulminating Rune, Inspired Scholarship.
  • Ultimate: Unblinking Eye if DPS or Fiery Rage with Elf Bane setup.


Combat Rotation:

  • Start with precast buffs.
  • Lay down all DOTs (damage over time).
  • Use Spolar Flail to build Crux and switch to Fate Carver for execution.
  • Focus on beaming while maintaining DOTs and buffs.


Infinite Archive Strategy

  • Gear and potion adjustments for higher arcs.
  • Focus on survival and resistance through sets like Pale Order or Black Rose Prison Dual Wield.
  • Enhancement on the defensives abilities.


One-Bar Setup

  • It's ideal in terms of simplicity while still being efficient enough.
  • Essential skills with flexible spots for adaptation.


Additional Tips

  • Adjustments for Different Encounters: Different setups work for AOE, single-target, and burst scenarios.
  • Infinite Archive Tips: Customized strategies can be found in Discord discussions.
  • Closing Thoughts: This guide only covers some of the countless ways in which an Arcanist can be played. Always adapt your gear to suit your playstyle and the specific fights.


We hope that this guide clears up the path for you to become a strong Arcanist in ESO. Adaptability is everything, bear it in mind!

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