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How to Fight Grotesque Guardians Slayer Boss in Old School RuneScape?

Welcome to Old School RuneScape guide where we delve into the thrilling world of Grotesque Guardians Slayer Boss. There is a need for a Slayer level of 75 to undertake this unique boss encounter and only those players who have acquired untradeable Brittle Key are allowed in. This article will take you through the process of obtaining key, getting ready with your gear and navigating through this demanding fight.


Grotesque Guardians Slayer Boss

On top of the Slayer Tower, adventurers face a special challenge called Dusk and Dawn. On the third floor of the tower are located these gargoyle bosses that only wait for anyone brave enough to show up before them. However, the path to this aerial battle is locked behind a brittle key, a rare drop obtainable only when gargoyles are targeted in a Slayer task (75 Slayer required).


Getting Started: The Brittle Key

The first thing that you need to do before fighting with Grotesque Guardians is acquiring their Brittle Key. This key has a 1/300 chance of dropping from any gargoyle; once you have it, however, you permanently access its boss arena. It can be used by going down to the ground floor past all the slayer npcs where you will find stairs leading up then unlock them using your key.


Optimal Gear Setup

You will need ranger gear such as gloves or boots which are otherwise optional. First off, because the boss may be attacked during gargoyle tasks only, slayer helmet must be worn. Barrow's gloves are recommended for their ability to work with multiple attack styles as opposed to specific necklaces corresponding each style. This setup strives for both efficiency and inventory space.


Recommended Skills and Inventory

We recommend having at least 80 in your combat stats for ranged and melee attacks respectively. Top row should consist of best melee gear possible together with super combat potions and ranging pots accessible upon clicking them. With Saradomin brews and prayer potions in addition to around 7 sharks, their health can be supplemented. Lastly, make sure you have a rock hammer.


Navigating to the Boss

To get to Slayer Tower, teleport using Arduous Cloak or Draynor staff for Fairy Ring access. Once there, put on your range gear first before climbing the chains with spikes. Remember that melee gear is only for later stages of the fight.


The Boss Fight Strategy

Once you enter the boss chamber, you will meet Dawn and Dusk, both gargoyle bosses. The strategy involves switching between ranged and melee attacks depending on which gargoyle you are fighting at that moment. Essential maneuvers include setting up in safe spots as well as effectively utilizing your rock hammer.


Key Tips and Tricks

  • Safe Spotting: Familiarize yourself with arena's safe spots so that your damage can be minimized.
  • Inventory Management: Maximize the use of inventory space by efficiently balancing between gear and potions.
  • Boss Mechanics: Know when to switch combat styles and how Dawn and Dusk attack.
  • Potion Usage: Prioritize your potion effects so that your combat efficiency is maintained optimally.


Conclusion and Rewards

Although not one of the most lucrative OSRS bosses, Grotesque Guardians offer good Slayer experience, unique drops and Runescape 07 gold as well as a chance at getting an uncommon pet among others. This guide serves as an aid in tackling this boss with confidence. Just remember; patience and practice are necessary for every boss fight in OSRS

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