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Old School RuneScape Chinning Maniacal Monkeys Guides

Welcome to our ultimate guide on chinning Maniacal Monkeys in Old School RuneScape – the fastest way to skyrocket your ranged XP. This guide will walk you through the process, focusing on cost-effectiveness with no compromise on XP.


Old School RuneScape Chinning Maniacal Monkeys Guides


Understanding the Basics

Chinning Maniacal Monkeys is widely regarded as the fastest way of training ranged in OSRS. Even though black chinchompas do more damage, their increased prices are not worth it for experience. Consequently, red chinchompas are most suitable for their efficiency and cost.


Why Choose Chinning?

This method has unrivaled speed when it comes to gaining ranged xp even surpassing cannon use during Slayer tasks although chinning can be expensive. Be ready to spend huge amounts of your money on one-time throwaway chinchompas.


Gear and Setup

Best-in-slot ranged gear but with three changes is what is required of this setup:

  • Chinchompas: This method's lifeline, take some red ones because they are cheap and have good AOE (Area of Effect) damage. Have a shorter fuse to save time.
  • Book of Law: This offhand range gear gives +5 prayer bonus which is essential for elongating your prayer points while training.
  • Bonecrusher Necklace: It's an impressive +12 prayer bonus item. It also disposes itself by turning bones into prayer points thus making it useful in this approach.


Inventory Setup

  • Healing Items: Carry a few sharks just in case you miss agility obstacles.
  • Royal Seed Pod: Vital for travelling to and from the training area. Otherwise, use Ring of Dueling instead when not available.
  • Prayer Items: These include Holy Wrench that boosts per sip rate of prayer potions, multiple full prayer potions, Divine Ranging Potions which give temporary increases to stats as well as Stamina Potion.It can be used by players as a light source in dark areas such as the cave.


Getting There

To access Maniacal Monkeys, Monkey Madness II must be at least in progress if not completed. Use the Royal Seed Pod to glide down to the training area. In case you are using another method like Ring of Dueling, glide from the second-best spot close to Lumbridge teleport.


Training Procedure

Safety should be paramount upon arrival at the training site. Therefore, make sure that Protect from Melee is turned on all times as death can cause great monetary loss. The aim is to irritate and attract as many monkeys as possible for maximum XP.


Key Tips for Success

  • Maintain Agility: High agility makes you fall less while moving around.
  • Prayer Management: Using your Bonecrusher Necklace, prayer potions only when necessary will help in retaining your prayer levels.
  • 10-Minute Aggression Timer: After 10 minutes monkeys lose aggression. To get their attention back go to another area and return.
  • Potion Usage: Keep consuming Divine Ranging Potions which enhance ranged attacks every now and then.
  • Efficient Movement: Dancing between two tiles helps gather more monkeys for AOE attacks.



Chinning Maniacal Monkeys is an excellent method for players seeking fast ranged XP in Old School RuneScape. Despite the high cost it comes with, other methods do not give the same experience gain. This is an efficient and effective training guide so follow it well. Always check your prayer points, manage your inventory properly and stay agile. Good luck with your training and may your ranged go up very fast!

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