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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Lake of Fire Warlock Rune Guides

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Warlocks in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery with a focus on getting the mighty Lake of Fire Rune. This will be an adventure quest for power and friendship where you get to tap into the infernal energies of this powerful rune. So now we start this thrilling journey.


About Lake of Fire Rune

Unleash your inner demon with the help of Lake of Fire Rune as a Warlock in WoW's Season of Discovery. This powerful rune turns your Rain of Fire spell into a burning Lake of Fire on the ground. It dramatically amplifies all fire damage from both you and your pet to trapped enemies. Even when interrupted after debuffing, this fiery boost keeps decimating your foes through Rain of Fire. As far as combat goes, it is the biggest game changer in your collection that can be used in many situations.


Starting the Quest

  • Go to Tarren Mill: The first step is to go to Tarren Mill. Here, near flight path are Zigel and his robotic friend.
  • Buy Demolition Explosives: Purchase Demolition Explosives at one gold each from Zigel. You need these explosives later in order to uncover Lake of Fire Rune.



Journey to Durnholde Keep

  • Travel Eastward: To reach Durnholde Keep you must move eastwards. On your way, consider picking up Rescue Mission if you are feeling adventurous.
  • PvP Alert: Beware that there may be PvP engagements around this place; hence it would be prudent to bring along a companion.


Navigating Durnholde Keep

  • Find the Pile of Debris: Inside Durnholde Keep lies a specific pile of debris where it is hidden. Conquer adversaries while passing through them as a result.
  • Means Of Survival: Being frail cloth-wearers, Warlocks should tread carefully here. Use spells and maybe let fellow adventurers handle the enemies.


Acquiring the Rune

  • Use Demolition Explosives: Go ahead and use your Demolition Explosives as soon as you arrive at the designated rubble. Behind it there will be a chest that has Lake of Fire Rune.
  • Engrave the Rune: Click on the chest and learn the rune to claim your reward; then engrave it in your breastplate to wield its power.


Mastering the Lake of Fire Rune

  • Harness Hellfire Power: You now have ability with Lake of Fire Rune, to transform the ground under your opponents' feet into molten lava, boosting your damage dealing abilities.
  • DPS Enhancement: This rune is also going to increase your DPS immensely making you a formidable competitor in PvE content and PvP arenas alike.



Congratulations on successfully getting hold of Lake of Fire Rune! In addition to acquiring an item of immense strength, this was a thrilling escapade during WoW Classic's Season of Discovery.

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