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Old School RuneScape Zalcano Boss Fight Guides

Embark on a thrilling challenge in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) by facing the formidable Zalcano. Located in the mystical city of Prifddinas, accessible only upon completion of the Song of the Elves quest, Zalcano offers a unique encounter that combines combat and skilling. This guide will provide you with a clear and concise approach to conquering this boss with ease.


Old School RuneScape Zalcano Boss Fight Guides


Preparation and Access

To reach Zalcano, make your way to Prifddinas. You can use various methods such as teleporting to your house if it's located in Prifddinas or utilizing a crystal teleport seed. Once in the city, head southeast to find the bank near Zalcano's lair. Ensure you have enough inventory space and restore your energy before proceeding.


Gear and Inventory Setup

Your gear should consist of the Graceful set for agility, with the exception of gloves and armor. Replace gloves with a Regen bracelet for health recovery and use Verac's armor for its defensive benefits. Equip a Dragon pickaxe for mining efficiency and consider bringing an uncharged Celestial ring for its potential mining boost.


In your inventory, carry supplies such as Saradomin brews for healing, summer pies for agility and energy restoration, a stamina potion, and food like dark crabs or sharks. Aim to have around eight to nine free inventory slots for collecting materials during the fight.


Engaging Zalcano

Upon entering Zalcano's arena, observe two critical rules: stand only on blue tiles for safety and avoid red tiles that cause harm. Focus on mining the glowing rock formations as they yield more resources. Be cautious of Zalcano's attacks, particularly the red bolts; move away promptly to avoid damage.


Once you've mined enough resources, refine them at the forge located within the arena. After refining, imbue the refined resources at the altar to create throwable items. These are crucial for damaging Zalcano effectively.


Maximizing Damage

To inflict optimal damage on Zalcano, throw the imbued items while standing inside blue circles that periodically appear on the ground. This strategy increases your damage output significantly. Additionally, be ready to tackle any golems that spawn; if they reach Zalcano, they will heal her, prolonging the battle.


Post-Encounter Considerations

After defeating Zalcano, collect your loot quickly. If you perish during the fight, you may need to retrieve your items within a time limit to avoid permanent loss. Remember, while challenging, Zalcano is not considered an exceedingly difficult boss with a low risk of death when approached correctly.



Zalcano offers a balanced mix of combat and skilling with rewards such as a pet, rare gem drops and OSRS Gold. While not one of the most lucrative OSRS bosses, it stands out as a relaxed and profitable encounter when executed with proper strategy. Follow this guide to enhance your efficiency and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering Zalcano in Old School RuneScape.

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