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Diablo 4 Season 3 Meteor Firewall Sorcerer League Start Build

Welcome to the Diablo 4 Season 3 ultimate guide for the Meteor Firewall Sorc build featuring the unique Raiment of the Infinite! With this build, each meteor can conceivably trigger additional ones - and then they can trigger even more, and so on. The damage output potential is truly staggering, and with proper execution, you'll be able to decimate enemies with what is essentially an endless onslaught of meteors. Let's break down the Starfall Coronet mechanics and gear that make this build work.


Diablo 4 Season 3 Meteor Firewall Sorcerer League Start Build


Core Mechanic: Raiment of the Infinite

If you've ever played a game where chain reactions were possible, chances are you've fallen in love with them - there is just something deeply satisfying about one thing leading to another. The Raiment of the Infinite mechanic at the center of this Diablo 4 build makes it feel like everything that can possibly go wrong for your enemies will happen. When Meteor is cast with Starfall Coronet equipped, it gains a chance to proc additional meteors with each cast. In turn, these new meteors will proc even more meteors if they hit anything.


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Key Item: Starfall Coronet

The Starfall Coronet turns Meteor from a single-cast spell into a cooldown-based skill that launches multiple meteors per use. It also greatly increases your Lucky Hit chance which makes additional procs of the spell even more likely.


Skill Synergies

While there are other skills beyond Meteor you can use in this build, nearly all of them are used in conjunction with it in order to increase its damage and proc chances thanks to various synergies. Skills like Fireball or Incinerate have great synergy with Meteor due to their high damage per second output while still being able to proc meteor procs. Moreover, using Firewall while chaining Meteors through Lucky Hits creates further opportunities for explosive chain reactions.



Build Strategy

To make this build work properly, you'll need to focus on two things: increasing your Lucky Hit chance as much as possible and hitting as many enemies as you can. The more targets Meteor finds itself connecting with, the higher the odds that you will be able to sustain its chain reaction. Spells like Frost Nova and Teleport work great for controlling enemy positioning and helping you make sure that you're getting the most value out of each cast.


Gear and Attributes

Starfall Coronet will be one of the most important items for this Diablo 4 build, but it's not the only one that matters. Items that increase your Firewall damage or add additional ranks to your Meteor will also be vital. Besides that, look for Lucky Hit chance gear alongside any Critical Hit Chance or Critical Hit Damage bonuses you can find. The rest of your attributes should prioritize intelligence in order to boost your damage and mana pool.



Final Thoughts

The concept behind this Diablo 4 build is incredibly exciting and we really hope it works in practice. Unfortunately, as of now we still don't have access to the game or even patch notes for the final version so there could still be changes down the line. If anything does change, we'll make sure to update this guide accordingly!

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