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Which are the Best Barbarian Builds for Diablo 4 Season 3?

We present to you an inclusive guide on Diablo 4 Season 3's Barbarian builds. This is a comprehensive guide for the best Barbarian Builds in Diablo 4 Season 3. Our meticulous analysis of the latest patch notes and gameplay changes will enable you to access the best Barbarian strategies that are potent and competitive whether as experienced players or as greenhorns in Diablo.


Tier List Overview

Here is a quick breakdown of where Barbarian Builds stands in relation to each other, based on our findings and recent changes:

  • S Tier - Charge Barb, Hoda Barb
  • A Tier - Upheaval Barb
  • B Tier - Frenzy Barb (potential with new aspects), Leapquake Barb (improved by cooldown reductions)
  • C Tier - Double Swing Barb (still strong but unchanged), Thorns Barb (lacks significant updates)


The Unstoppable Juggernaut | Charge Barb Build

It is still one of the strongest builds in season 3 with a few minor nerfs which hardly impact its output DPS. It is because of these recent utility buffs that Charge Barb has excelled at speed farming The Vault, open-world content, and Nightmare dungeons. For instance, cooldown reduction improvements imply that now you do not have to hit walls so that your change skill is reset – this seemingly small tweak is game-changing as it tremendously enhances mobility and damage potential.


You'll want to play this build with new legendaries that purposefully help with Charge such as those causing bleeding. As your level increases, the base damage of charge jumps from 25% normal weapon damage to a staggering 250%, making it a fantastic choice for leveling through season three.


Build Planner:




The Hammer Of Destruction | Hoda Barb Build

Hoda barb build is also one of top contenders of season 3 despite some adjustments here and there but its raw power remains more or less intact even after some adjustments were made to it. The key passives used here include Whirlwind and Overpower, which when combined, produce massive damage.


Cooldown reductions have become even more impactful due to new gear options like Marshall's glyph introduced. This allows for more frequent use of powerful abilities like Wrath of the Berserker, further amplifying your damage and survivability.


Build Planner:



The Ground-shattering Force | Upheaval Barb Build

Season 3 has seen massive buffs to upheaval barb builds. This build comes with some new aspects and runes that increase its effectiveness against elites and bosses as well as guaranteeing critical hits and other extra damage. Here, the idea is maximizing Overpower procs while taking advantage of the newly buffed Earth Striker for massive AOE damage.


Build Planner:



Other Notable Builds

While Charge, Hoda, and Upheaval stand out as the top builds for Barbarians this season, other builds like Frenzy and Leapquake have also received updates that could make them viable alternatives. In particular, Frenzy has benefitted from new aspects that turns it into an AoE juggernaut with triple damage outputted.


Final Thoughts on Barbarian Prospects in Season 3

There are multiple builds available in this season which give different playstyle options for barbarians players who are looking forward to something unique through their gameplay. Even though some of the builds have been tweaked here and there, Barbarian class remains strong overall. Try different builds as you get ready for the new season so that you may be able to find one that really matches your style.

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