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Diablo 4 Season 3 Barbarian Upheaval League Starter Build Guides

Barbarians, Welcome to the Diablo 4 Season 3 – a must-read guide! This is going to be another great season as it commences. We've had all the updates - buffs and nerfs and everything else - and put together the perfect Barbarian leveling build that will see you through level 70 and World Tier 3 within an eye's blink.


Diablo 4 Season 3 Barbarian Upheaval League Starter Build Guides


The Unstoppable Upheaval Build

The third season has established the Upheaval skill as a leveling titan. Hammer of the Ancients dominated last time but recent nerfs have changed that. Now, Upheaval is the only thing in our build. What's more, Charge has received a massive boost of 900% damage making it very fearsome.


Build Planner:


Skill Point Allocation

  • Lunging Strike: Mobility from a single point and basic attacks that push you towards your target.
  • Upheaval: It deals most damage among all skills, so stun potential and damage increase via non-Upheaval hits are needed.
  • Endless Fury: There is 21% extra fury generation when using two-handed weapon basics.
  • Ground Stomp: An area stun that become better for duration and fury gained after enhancing it.
  • Rallying Cry | War Cry: Speed , resource regeneration and damage boost crucial calls.
  • Charge: Allocate points to maximize its newfound potency.
  • Passives: Invest into life increase, damage reduction or movement speed buffs


Paragon and Gear Priorities

When doing leveling gear should be chosen wisely but not too strictly. The main focus is on two-hand blunt weapons due to their synergy with Upheaval as well as Charge. Keep watching for upgrades while maintaining power/resource management balance.

For your Technique slot, begin with a two-handed sword (to inflict bleeding). As you advance, consider shifting to a two-handed axe (for vulnerability).


Optimal Legendary Aspects

We have three recommendations for legendary aspects on jewelry:

  • Aspect of the Edge Master: it boosts damage based on your resource pool.
  • Aspect of Echoing Fury: this generates fury while any shout is active.
  • Aspect of the Expector: you deal more damage to your next core skill after using basic attacks.

These are chosen from Codex of Power so that they can be acquired early in the season without RNG reliance.


Companion Upgrades

Shenlong Companion system has been introduced in Season 3. Find Governing Stones to buff player damage and offer crowd control for your companion. The best choices are:

  • Flash of Adrenaline: It increases player damage.
  • Lightning Bolt: It chains attacks across enemies.

Attach tuning stones that enhance these skills' effectiveness and reduce cooldowns.


Playing the Build

Resource generation will be a major challenge, which this build seeks to overcome. Regularly use Charge for high amounts of damage and bonus passive cooldown reduction per enemy hit. After building up non-Upheaval damage outputs, follow with Upheaval for maximum effect.

Stagger shouts to keep consistent resource generation from Echoing Fury, ensuring a constant flow of Fury for damaging abilities.



Adopt this build for Diablo 4 Season 3 and you will literally fly through levels with the might of a Barbarian's fury. Don't forget adjusting for optimal efficiency as your style should match the rhythm of resource generation and cool-down management.

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