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Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Leveling and Farming Builds For Each Class

Hello and welcome to Diablo 4's Season 3 Class & Builds Tier List. This year, there is a new season approaching, so it is always important to remain ahead with the most current updates and strategies.



Barbarian: The Unbeaten of Season 3

The Barbarian class has come out at the lead this season. However, with slight nerfs, Barbarians received huge buffs to each of their major passives including Unconstrained and Walking Arsenal. Due to their berserking abilities and strong stat scaling the Barb class will gain maximum benefit from these mechanics that allow constructs and new companions to scale as much damage as possible.


Main Barbarian Builds:

  • Double Swing Barbarian: This one is perfect for those who want to win the race first since it has high mobility and impressive damage output.
  • Rend Barbarian: Previously underrated build but became popular due to implementation of new unique item allowing brawling skills apply Rend stacks efficiently.
  • Pure Charge Build: A theorycrafted build focused on charge maneuvers for high DPS; although untested, it has potential for reaching S-tier.


Druid: The Runner-Up with Significant Buffs

Some significant buffs have been given druids especially in relation to Lightning Storm build. With new gear like gloves that augment Lightning Storm's damage druids are expected to wipe screens of mobs and decimate end game bosses very fast. Spirit boons multiplicative crit buff also makes Druid overpowered in any different build.


Notable Druid Builds:

  • Lightning Storm Druid: It is one of the best picks for its ability to clear quickly as well as deal high single target damage.
  • Werewolf Druid (Tornado Wolf): Despite nerfs, it still remains a reliable option because of its sustained performance.


Necromancer: A Solid Contender with Bone Spear Leading

The Necromancer class is still at the top with Bone Spear. Although it may lack the burst damage of other top-tier builds, Bone Spear is a solid choice for high torment dungeons and general gameplay.


Rogue: The Best Balanced Class with Diverse Builds

Several nerfs and bug fixes have reduced Rogue's power but overall, they are versatile class with different viable A and B-tier builds. Changes to Position and Sky Hunter have made ranged rogue builds way stronger.


Sorcerer: Adjusting to Changes Post-Ball Lightning Dominance

The Sorcerer class has had to adjust after the nerf to Ball Lightning. The leading build for Sorcerers will likely go back to Blizzard, while Meteor also seems quite popular.


Leveling Builds Overview

For those wishing to reach Nightmare/Torment faster among our leveling builds tier list has been updated so that you can move up tiers effortlessly. Barbarian leveling has improved significantly with the charge buff, while Druids and Necromancers offer viable options for efficient leveling.


Speed Farming Build Insights

Certain builds are excellent in map clearing speed when it comes to endgame content which is all about speed. While Shred Druids and Charge Barbarians are some of the fastest; there is hope in ranged Rogue builds or specific Sorcerer builds when optimized for speed farming Diablo 4 Gold and Items.



Season 3 of Diablo 4 introduces a dynamically changing landscape for class performance and build viability. Whether you want to master endgame content or level up and farm efficiently, our tier list is an essential resource for your strategic planning needs.

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