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Diablo 4 Season 3 Optimal Construct Pet Setup Guides

This is the ultimate guide to getting your construct pet to achieve double damage in Diablo 4 Season 3. With pets and gem leveling significantly buffed in the latest patch, it's time to optimize your companion for top performance. This guide will show you the best setups for your construct pet whether you are an experienced player or a novice of the dark world of Sanctuary.



Diablo 4 Season 3 Optimal Construct Pet Setup Guides


Uber and Non-Uber Pet Setups

Firstly, we have two main versions of the pet gear: Uber version and Non-Uber version. Both sets are made in such a way that your pet can maximize damage dealt and support given.


The Flash of Adrenaline Stone

The cornerstone of most builds this season is Flash of Adrenaline stone. This stone hugely boosts your attacks with damage output. By using specific runes, it can be turned into a permanent 50% increase in damage though. With Genesis Stone inserted, there's a cooldown of 12 seconds paired with its duration being another 12 seconds – hence always active.


To attain this synergy is to combine Flash of Adrenaline with Duration Support rune which boosts the period by four seconds at Rank 10. Match this with Tactical rune for a cooldown reduction by 40% and you have an uninterrupted increased damage loop.


The Non-Uber Alternative

If you don't have access to Genesis Uber uniques, Gripping Support rune is great for additional control during fights. However Fortify also provides good sustainability through its damage reduction benefits.


Tempest: The Lightning Conductor

Tempest has become a must-have skill in any build because of its low cooldown and high proc rate. It enables your construct to deliver frequent lightning strikes upon foes. In conjunction with Evernight – another Uber Stone – all skills rank will get additional rank up which roughly translates to about 20% more damage.


Resource Management and Critical Hits

For those who want an extra 15% critical hit chance, Efficiency Support is the answer whereas Resource Support ensures you never run out of them during battle. These stones work together to ensure that your resource pool remains filled when your pet attacks.


Maximizing Skill Ranks with Evernight

By granting a rank increase of four for all skills whenever your pet attacks, Evernight finds its place in the Uber setup. This not only increases the damage of your main ability by around 26% but also makes things like war cries and charges more powerful.


The Result: Double Damage Potential

By combining these strategies – Flash of Adrenaline's multiplier, skill rank increases from Evernight, critical hit enhancements and resource management – you can easily double the damage output. You should expect to see at least a 50% increase in damage on your construct pet even without Uber uniques.


Future Improvements and Patch Anticipation

While the pet AI could still use some improvements, the buffs provided are undeniable. With another patch on the horizon, we may see even further enhancements to construct pets.


Conclusion: Unleash Your Pet's Power

To maximize the construct pet's potential on Diablo 4, Season 3, this guide has outlined the best way to go about it. You will be very close to doubling your damage and making the game more interesting if you follow these guidelines and understand how stones and runes work together. Have a good time in Sanctuary as you advance your construct pet.

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