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RuneScape 3 Double XP Tokens Maximizing Guides

Double XP is almost here, starting on the 16th and this guide is going to be all you need to get the best out of your tokens. Even if you are new or a seasoned veteran, we got something for you. So sit back, get yourself some tea, and let's get into it.


RuneScape 3 Double XP Tokens Maximizing Guides


Let's start at the beginning

Double XP tokens are a special currency awarded throughout Double XP events. They're automatically received when gaining experience so you can always redeem them even if your Double XP timer isn't active. Using protean items or skilling dummies will help earn them quicker as well so make sure to keep that in mind.


Prioritize those Skilling Outfits

Most players should definitely prioritize getting Skilling and Elite Skilling outfits because they're just too good to miss out on. Regular Skilling outfits give a 6% exp boost which is huge because it only gets harder as you progress past level 99. But where these really shine is going from level 99 to 120 or even further to the max of 200m.


Elite Skilling Outfits vs Regular Skilling Outfits

Your regular ones are already great but Elite Skilling outfits are a whole other ball game. Yes they cost more tokens but the return on investment is incredible especially when wearing full sets.


Choosing the right outfit for your playstyle

Which one do I choose first? Well that depends on what you want answered by:

- Streamline an otherwise tedious grind.

- Make a skill more AFKable.

- Conserve in-game Gold.


Head Add-on Pieces To Keep In Mind

Some head add-on pieces have amazing perks such as:

- Modified botanist's mask: Has a 5% chance of creating duplicate potions.

- Modified shaman's headdress: Has a 5% chance of saving charms.

These two can be game changers when it comes to saving on potion-making and summoning training.


The Elite Skilling Outfits You Shouldn't Miss

Certain Elite Skilling outfits stand out among the others for their impact on skill training:

- Fishing: The shark outfits have a consume mechanic, which allows fully AFK fishing, increased catch chance.

- Runecrafting: Allows you to carry more essence per run which will help your efficiency by a lot.

Other sets like the hunter trapper and woodcutting outfits become insane once combined all the way up.


In conclusion

The best use of Double XP tokens will always depend on what you need. But we recommend you go for those Elite Skilling outfits first, especially the ethereal and shark ones. May your choices throughout this event lead towards quick leveling!

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