League of Legends: Wild Rift Hand of Noxus launch time introduction

When will Hand of Noxus in League of Legends: Wild Rift go live? After the League of Legends mobile game’s official beta, many friends found that Hand of Noxus did not appear in the hero pool. It may take a while for Hand of Noxus to go online. Then I will bring you League of Legends: Wild Rift Hand. of Noxus launch time introduction, let’s take a look.

League of Legends Mobile Hand of Noxus launch time introduction

  1. LOL Mobile had the hero Hand of Noxus during the beta, but it was discovered after the beta that the Hand of Noxus disappeared.
  2. So we speculate that Hand of Noxus will join the game after the next version update.
  3. And according to official instructions, the game will usher in a version update in mid-November, when Hand of Noxus is very likely to be launched.
  4. The comparison of the Hand of Noxus has already appeared during the internal test. I believe the official is also optimizing the skills and animation effects of the Hand of Noxus.
  5. In short, Hand of Noxus is not far from the launch date, and it is likely to be launched in November.

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