League of Legends Wild Rift New Event Starts

Yesterday, the League of Legends Wild Rift was updated with version 1.1 and launched on the Taiwanese server. In addition to adjustments to the equipment system and some mechanisms, a very conscientious welfare event has also been launched in this update. Let’s take a look!

This event is the Canyon Visitor Reward. From now until December 31, 2020, you can get rewards by completing various tasks in the League of Legends mobile game.

After actual testing, I found that I will get one hero optional chest, three random hero chests, and four random skin chests after completing all the tasks.

There is a saying, this activity is a bit conscience. From the perspective of the activity task requirements, the task requirements are not high. If you play a few more rounds in the game, you can quickly get rewards.

But unfortunately, according to some players, not everyone can participate in this event. No matter what server you are, new players or old players have the opportunity to participate in the event, but the probability of the event is unknown—test character.

However, after asking multiple players, I found that new players and players on new servers have a relatively high activity probability.

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