LOL mobile plans to release two new champions every month, and the qualifying match system will usher in optimization

Riot officials said in this interview that as the League of Legends mobile game continues to be launched in various regions, they are currently relatively satisfied with the game’s progress and players’ feedback. The follow-up will be found in more countries and regions. When all parts can be released smoothly, they will be fully launched.

As for the LOL mobile game development team’s short-term goals, the first staff mentioned that they would improve the matching quality, reduce the matching time as much as possible shortly, and provide players with more activities and champions. Besides, the pre-ranking function is also one of the critical goals.

In the current matching system, even teammates in the gold or even bronze ranks will be matched. Many people feel that this match is unfair, and the disparity in strength has led to the game’s loss. At this point, the first said that efforts are currently being made to improve the matching mechanism, find ways to balance the matching time, and frequently improve the matching quality.

Although the game’s mechanics are transplanted from the terminal game League of Legends, the mobile game has made specific changes to adapt to the mobile terminal. In this interview, Riot officially answered the question, “Why is the LOL mobile game’s ranking system different from the PC version?”

Riot officials said that the main reason for this is to provide some exclusive experience for mobile games, so the seasonal span is so short. Another point is that the terminal game League of Legends’ ranking system was formed many years ago, and the mobile game has made specific optimizations in the qualifying mechanism. For example, use stars to represent tier scores.

Earlier, it was mentioned in Riot’s annual live broadcast and version announcement that more new champions will be launched in 2021. Currently, there are Dragon Turtle, Carter, Sun Girl, Bright Moon, and Pan Sen.

From the previous announcement, it is not difficult to guess that champions such as “Sun Girl, Bright Moon, and Pan Sen” will most likely appear after the New Year’s event. Dragon Turtle and Carter have not yet announced their online schedule.

However, in the 2.1 version of the patch, I did not see the dragon turtle included. Asked in the interview whether this means Dragon Turtle will not go online before April, and the official of Riot said “yes.”

According to the introduction, Dragon Turtle and Carter made specific changes after being ported to the LOL mobile game. As for the roles that have been announced but not yet online, Riot officially mentioned in this interview that Charo’s skills had been retained in the LOL mobile game, and Diana intends to make her. Her opponent more “bright moon” Characteristics. Let the enemy be attracted to her like stars.

In terms of the game system, the end game can receive the reward directly after completing the task, while the mobile game needs to open the task interface and click Finish to receive it. Riot officially stated that it would simplify players’ process to obtain rewards, but there may be some differences from the PC version. However, it is still moving towards better optimization.

At present, the LOL mobile game has produced different game content from the end game, such as the Lunar New Year skin of Good Luck Sister launched this Spring Festival event. So whether LOL mobile games will launch an exclusive entertainment mode is also a question of concern to many people.

Previously, the LOL mobile game has noticed that the game mode will be launched in the Howling Abyss Fighting Mode. As for the exclusive entertainment mode, Riot said that it has not officially announced anything yet, but it may be in the future.

Riot officials stated that the mobile game’s current plan is to release two new champions every month, so at this stage, players still have a lot of time to gather champions. If there is no use for the blue essence, it will be considered later. End game the store mechanism of League of Legends.

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