LOL Mobile Games will bring players a new mobile game MOBA experience

On March 29th, League of Legends Mobile Games was tested in the Americas, and it only took 1 hour to be on the top of the game list. It occupies the number one position in both the App Store and Google Play. As a mobile game developed by MOBA classic IP, since Fist announced on the tenth anniversary of League of Legends that it would produce League of Legends Mobile Game, it has affected the hearts of thousands of players. After all, League of Legends is a game. The phenomenal MOBA game has accompanied us through the growth of generation after generation.

In the open beta, Fist did not disappoint the players. Players also gave a very high evaluation in the smooth play. This is so amazing! Everything looks so unimaginable. Now everyone can leave the PC terminal and experience the original League of Legends again on the mobile terminal.

It is not easy to develop a phenomenon-level game like League of Legends Mobile Games. Affected by the epidemic, the R&D department, designers, and localization teams still work in isolation. Limited by the development progress, League of Legends Mobile Games currently only has more than 40 heroes for players to use. Unique modes such as Chaos Fight and Extreme Blitz are also under intense development. But in the latest version, 2.2, the new hero Gario was officially launched on the morning of April 1. Although facing enormous challenges, the entire team is doing its utmost to accelerate the all-around polishing of the products and services of the League of Legends Mobile Games national server.

On March 31, in the official developer log of the League of Legends mobile game, the game national server interface appeared in front of everyone for the first time. We can see the familiar hero introduction interface and matching interface. The overall feeling is very similar to the end game. Close.

For the expectations of League of Legends Mobile Games, it can be said that our national server players’ enthusiasm is no less than that of any country in the world. Although the national server version has not been played in China, the major clubs are already training intensively. Ruo Feng, a former LPL professional player we know well, is already the League of Legends Mobile Games team TF and TI. After the name of League of Legends Mobile Games appeared on the first batch of imported online game approval lists in 2021, more than 300 clubs for League of Legends Mobile Games have been established across the country.

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