Which are the Best free PvP Games for iOS and Android 2021?

Mobile games are on the rise, not only in Asia but also here. We’ve selected the seven best PvP games for Android and iOS for you and explained how interesting they are and how they are scored. How did this list come from? In this list, we have collected games that focus on online components and PvP. The recorded game must have at least 600K ratings and, to a large extent, deserve positive reviews from players. The list does not claim to be complete and is ultimately based on choices made by the editorial team. Orders should provide diversity and do not represent rankings. If you are looking for more exciting mobile games, you can find the best MMORPG for iOS and Android.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Developer: Riot Games | Type: MOBA | System: Android, iOS | Release Date: December 10, 2020 (Beta)

What kind of game is this? Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends. This is an independent game released in October 2019 and has been in development for three years. Currently, the game is in the public beta, and European players will participate from December 10.

The mobile version should be different from the PC version in some ways:

The controls have been adjusted so that characters can be played via the touch screen

The game is much shorter

More actions than classic LoL

There is an adapted championship pool

Who should play it? If you have already played League of Legends on PC and want to play with friends or on the sofa anytime, anywhere, Wild Rift is the perfect game.

But even newcomers who have not been exposed to LoL should check out Wild Rift. After all, the game is easier to use than the PC version, and it is also brand new, so many players are inexperienced, even beginners will not attract attention.

Are there alternatives? If you want to play more mobile MOBA, you can use Arena of Valor. This is a clone of LoL developed by Tencent, the Chinese company that owns Riot Games. The game is top-rated in China.

What do the comments say?

Wild Rift gets 4.2 stars from 550,000 reviews on the Play Store

App Store has 3.9 stars and nearly 17,000 reviews

In the comments, Wild Rift was praised for the excellent execution of its PC version on mobile devices. Especially graphics and animation, gameplay, and control have received active attention.

However, there are currently criticisms of the lack of content, such as the mode where you log in directly using roles. In addition, because the options are still limited, many players hope to win more championships.


An exemplary version of LoL for smartphones

Good gameplay and reasonable control

Beautiful graphics and animation

Many updates have been made in the beta version in the form of new champions.

There is no Pay2Win at all, but the same as the model on the PC


Matching problems and no patterns for fixed roles

Another niche champion

Where can I download it? You can download Wild Rift from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Developer: Activision | Type: Shooting | System: Android, iOS | Release Date: October 1, 2019

What kind of game is this? In Call of Duty: Mobile, the shooting game was released in the fall of 2019, and all records interrupted it. In the first few days, millions of players downloaded this shooting game.

The game principle is similar to other CoD parts on the console or PC. You must compete with other players in different modes and defeat them. You can choose between various weapons, and thanks to the update, you can even use the armor function.

In addition, the game is convincing with its excellent graphics, and for many players, it can even compete with PCs. Therefore, it is the right part of our list of mobile games with the most beautiful graphics.

Who should play it? CoD: Mobile is the perfect title for veterans of Call of Duty who want to experience shooting adventures anytime, anywhere. However, the average shooter enthusiast should also take a look at this game. After all, it always provides a complete lobby, different game modes, and it is easy to use.

Are there alternatives? There are now various shooting games that can be played on smartphones, including games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

What do the comments say?

In the Google Play store, CoD: Mobile has 4.5 stars and 11.8 million reviews.

There are even 4.8 stars out of nearly 1 million reviews on the App Store

In the comments, the game was praised for its excellent gameplay and gunfights, and graphics. There are many modes for you to vent.

Depending on the model, the only criticism is high battery consumption and balance. According to reviews, there is still room for improvement. Most importantly, the tanks in Battle Royale have been mentioned as negative many times.


Good game and shootout

Powerful graphics, almost reminiscent of the PC version

Five game modes and battle royale

Many maps

Many players


Balance could be better

Depending on the smartphone model, the game consumes a lot of battery

You can buy new weapons with real money

Where can I download it? You can find shooters in Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. The download is free.

Brawl Stars

Developer: Supercell | Type: Shooting/Battle Royale | System: Android, iOS | Release Date: June 15, 2017

What kind of game is this? Brawl Stars comes from the very successful maker of Clash of Clans and provides you with exciting PvP battles in 3v3 format. You control the so-called wranglers. These are cute heroes, each with unique powers. There were gunmen, crows, bears, and little girls beating each other in the arena.

The game uses a top-down perspective control. If you want to survive the battle, you must actively attack and evade. Since a typical battle only lasts about three minutes, Brawl Stars is ideal for short and exciting games in between.

To keep the battle arena from becoming monotonous, you can compete in different game modes. Including shooting in the wild, battle royale, and ways where you must protect a safe or collect jewelry.

Who should play it? If you are looking for short and exciting battles with cute heroes, then you may have found your game here. Brawl Stars is also attractive to players who have a lot of friends lists to play with. Because in a team with partners, it should be much more interesting than random players.

Are there alternatives? If you want to play more complex shooting games, you will find PUBG Mobile or CoD: Mobile options in this article. If you are looking for another fun and lively party game, you should check out the next title.

What do the comments say?

In the Google Play Store, Fighting Stars received 4.4 stars out of 15.2 million reviews.

In the App Store, Brawl Stars even got 4.7 stars out of 326,000 reviews

Most importantly, it is praised for its fun and crazy gameplay. Brawl Stars is not a game for hardcore gamers, but a game for people who like it colorful and lively.

However, some criticize the relatively weak pairing and that you can only find the most muscular brawler by luck and sometimes real money.


Variegated graphics

Successful gameplay

Different game modes

The short lap is usually only 3 minutes


You can earn brawlers, but you can use Pay2Win

Matchmaking can sometimes cause unfair matches

Where can I download it? You can get Brawl Stars in Google Play Store or App Store.

Among Us

Developer: Innersloth LCC | Type: Party Game | System: Android, iOS, PC | Release Date: June 15, 2018

What kind of game is this? Among Us is a multiplayer reasoning game whose goal is to solve tasks together in a spaceship. However, one player is a traitor and tries to destroy other players.

Players must now find out who this traitor is together. This principle is based in part on well-known games such as Werwolfe von Düsterwald or Secret Hitler. This makes it particularly interesting as a game among a group of friends.

Who should play it? If you want to have fun with friends or family, Among Us is a perfect game. It can also be simply played on the local WiFi and is even an ideal choice for Christmas Eve fun.

But even without ordinary players, you can have fun in Among Us. The point of communication is a bit different.

Are there alternatives? A good choice is the Salem Town game, which can be played on a smartphone or in a browser. There is less action there, but the principle of harmless villagers and traitors is particularly strongly manifested.

What do the comments say?

4.5 stars among us come from over 8.8 million reviews in the Play Store

The game also has 4.5 stars on the App Store, although only 410,000 reviews

In particular, recent reviews are full of praise for among us on smartphones. A highlight of many people is that each round is different because the traitor behaves differently every time.

The only criticism is the small number of maps and the lack of friend lists. Players always have to use code to join, which is troublesome. In addition, some players should leave the game immediately if they are not traitors. It is hard to blame the game.


Easy-to-understand and straightforward principles, always ensuring a fun

Various unsolved tasks

Excellent party game with friends


Few maps

A list of missing friends who make invitations embarrassing

Where can I download it? We can download it from Play Store and App Store. There is also a PC version on Steam, and the game even received 96% positive reviews.

World of Tanks: Blitz

Developer: Wargaming | Type: Strategy | System: Android, iOS, PC | Release Date: June 26, 2014

What kind of game is this? The basic gameplay of World of Tanks: Blitz is very similar to the regular World of Tanks. You grab a tank and fight a team of 7 players against another team.

Your task is either to eliminate the opponent or to conquer the strategic goal. Used tanks from before and after the two world wars. This, in turn, can be upgraded and adapted to your purpose over time.

Who should play it? If you want to drive a tank and fight against other players, you should check out World of Tanks: Blitz.

This also applies if you have already played World of Tanks on PC. Because the number of blitz laps is significantly shorter, the action is more prosperous. If you want to use your beloved tank anytime, anywhere, Blitz can’t go wrong.

Are there alternatives? If you like the gameplay and can’t do anything about tanks, then the World of Warships: Blitz game will be a possible choice. Instead of tanks, you are there to fight ships. World Warplane War is a clone of World of Warplanes, a game that relies on warfare with airplanes.

What do the comments say?

WoT Blitz has 4.3 stars and 3.4 million reviews in the Google Play store

On the App Store, the game even received 4.5 stars with only 14,300 reviews

The comments mainly praised the graphics and gameplay. In addition, getting started should be easy, as you may only encounter robots in the first few laps. Matching should also work well in the final stages and produce suitable matches.

However, there are criticisms of the balanced and possible Pay2Win. Because you can buy new and better tanks with real money, but even they should have enough weaknesses so that you can defeat them.


Good gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Good match, also in the final stage

Bring World of Tanks to smartphones well


Balance problem

The possibility of buying powerful, if not overwhelming, tanks with real money

Where can I download it? World of Tanks: Blitz is available from Google Play Store and App Store.

Clash of Clans

Developer: Supercell | Type: Strategy | System: Android, iOS | Release Date: August 2, 2012

What kind of game is this? Clash of Clans combines strategic architectural elements with real-time combat and tower defense principles. You build a village and an army. For this, you need raw materials.

You can obtain these raw materials over time, or you can steal them from other players. This is the PvP component of the game.

Who should play it? Clash of Clans is for everyone who likes to build and expand villages in the game and compete with other tactical battles. The game is very suitable for occasionally using it for short periods.

However, you must be aware that Pay2Win played a role.

Are there alternatives? After Clash of Clans, some games rely on similar models, but in some cases even rely more on Pay2Win.

What do the comments say?

Clash of Clans has 4.5 stars and more than 54.5 million ratings in the Play Store.

It’s even 4.7 stars in the App Store with nearly 175,000 reviews

Many players praised the ease of use of the title and the regular chores it provides. It’s easy to play while playing, and you don’t need to pay attention to it all the time.

However, there are criticisms that you can buy an advantage with real money. Some structures take a few days and can be skipped with real money. In addition, there should be a problem with the pairing.


Fluid control

Easy to get started, hard to master

Regular incentives through rewards

Fierce battle


There must be a Pay2Win mechanism

Matchmaking can sometimes lead to unfair opponents.

Where can I download it? You can download Clash of Clans from Google Play Store or App Store.

PUBG Mobile

Developer: PUBG Company | Type: Battle Royale | System: Android, iOS | Release Date: February 9, 2018

What kind of game is this? As you have already guessed, PUBG Mobile is the smartphone version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a veteran of Battle Royale. Just like in Big Brother, you and dozens of other players jump over a deserted initially island.

Weapons and equipment are everywhere. You also need them because the goal is to be the last player or team left. To keep the game exciting, the playing field has become smaller and smaller over time.

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG Mobile provides a more realistic and less colorful gaming experience. Here you will find rifles and pistols based on actual weapons. In addition, there are no building systems or other decorations here. This way, you can concentrate on shooting.

Who should play it? PUBG Mobile is suitable for fans of classic battle royale games. Ideally, you have already played the original game on a PC or console and want to have this pure battle royale experience anytime, anywhere. PUBG Mobile provides you with exciting battles with realistic weapons and a solid background. Therefore, if you want a pure and concise BR, here is your best choice.

Are there alternatives? In addition to PUBG Mobile, you can also play Fortnite on your smartphone. However, the title is currently not in the Play Store or App Store due to legal disputes.

What do the comments say?

PUGB Mobile has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play store and has received more than 38 million reviews

In the App Store, Battle Royale has 4.3 stars and 1.1 million reviews

In the comments, I was full of praise for the controls, graphics, and zombie mode. Through these, you should experience PUBG in a completely different way. There are regular updates and seasons.

However, in the latest comments, there are more and more complaints about technical issues. In addition, it is said that PUBG Mobile has problems with hackers and robots. Tencent itself also admitted and praised the improvement in the comments.


PUBG feel on a smartphone

Intuitive and customizable controls

Regular updates and seasons

Customize the zombie mode in the game


Technical issues depend on the smartphone

Robots and hackers encountered in the game

Where can I download it? You can download PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store or App Store.

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