The new MMO SOTA 2 on Steam wants to combine survival and RPG-this is how it works

The new survival RPG SOTA 2 has been launched on Steam. After the independent project was announced in advance, but the release was delayed, some games have now been found. However, only a few people are passionate about the game. SOTA 2 is a project of two independent developers from Russia who hope to try to adopt the spirit of the STALKER series in the new MMO environment. The abbreviation stands for Stalker Online Time Anomaly. SOTA 2 was initially scheduled to be released in June and was postponed to be released on Steam on July 14, 2021, for 3.99 euros. An alternative version is provided on the official website, but it is entirely in Russian. There are no plans for Xbox and PlayStation versions.

You are set in the post-apocalyptic Soviet Union, and time anomalies cause problems. The developer said that the new survival MMO should include role-playing elements, although the core functions mainly come from the hardcore shooting field:

The balls must be loaded into the magazine one by one

You will lose all the spoils when you die

Food expired

The bullet is affected by fundamental physics, such as flight time and where the shot is

Only 36% are upbeat-mostly negative.

The way to receive the game is this: There are currently 22 player reviews on Steam, of which only 36% are positive. This is only enough to get a mostly negative rating

In addition, so far, SOTA 2 has only reached 23 players on Steam

What is the criticism?

In the English comments, the main criticism is that the game is entirely in Russian. So if you don’t speak this language, it’s hard to play. However, most of the Russian comments are negative and criticized by users who can already play, such as:

Missing and incorrect content-pigs go through the wall, no explanation, complicated control.

Aggressive advertising-there is not much to do, but the premium store is already working (even the translate button)

In years of development, almost nothing can solve the fundamental problem.

It is said that SOTA 2 has been promised as a Free2Play game and is now spending money.

In the positive comments, it is said that only the player is missing, and the user believes that SOTA 2 was only made by two developers. However, these comments come from accounts that hardly own any games.

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