Bundesliga Senate 5 presents procedures against the Lask egg

The independent Senate 5 has been intensively examining the media collected allegations on possible violations of the prohibition of the TPO (prohibition of third property to player rights) of the LASK since 23 April 2021 and now set the procedure.

Prohibition - OverSimplified

In the 5 held sessions, the Senate 5 has placed in total 42 requests and requirements for the club, several witnesses (etc. player agents, representatives of Bundesliga clubs, players and the media-called stressful tools) and examined around 400 pages of relevant documents.

Underneath confirmations of the auditor, documents from financial accounting and bank confirmations, two opinions of university professors and contracts and confirmations of player transfers. In his meeting yesterday, the Senate 5 decided to set the procedure against the LASK for both a lack of prove as well as formal considerations.

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Senate 5 Chairman Dr. Thomas Hofer-Zeni to Causa: “Regardless of the emotionally guided discussion in public, the Senate has always carried out and judged this procedure on a purely legal and objective basis. After many intensive hours of testing and survey of parties and witnesses, the Senate is 5 resulted in the conclusion to set the procedure. “

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