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It’s time to put your brainstones and prevent your opponents from achieving their goal. With the mechanical theater , do you challenge genshin impact to stop the opposing invasion without calling on your gross force. Establish a strategy, expand defensive turrets, and survive on the assaults.

Event details in genshin impact

The most popular game of Liyue arrives in Inazuma with in-depth rules to add some spice. Find Komataka and participate in his defense game: _Theater mechanical – Merveilles’ scene. Start by establishing a strategy, use your Venifus points to develop turrets and prevent opponents from reaching the end of the arena. Repeat this on each table to get the best score and get unique rewards, but also parts to spend in the event shop.

  • Pass missions –

    • Reach Mechanical Mastery Level 6 in the Mechanical Theater – Wonder Scene
    • Complete a scene of difficulty 5 or higher without building more than 12 of Venificus mechanisms in the mechanical theater – scene of wonders
  • _ All know to succeed the mechanical theater_

Date of the event Mechanical theater

The event Mechanical theater – Wonder Scene lasts 14 days on genshin impact. He starts on August 12 and ends on August 26th. During this period, different challenges await you in the city of Inazuma. In order to participate in the event you must fulfill certain conditions. Your account must be at least 30 adventure level and a quest must be completed.

  • _ Launch date -_ _judi 12 August, 11:00.
  • Date of end – judi 26 August, 4h59
  • Be a level of adventure 30

Gameplay Runescape Mobile Edimmu Task
* Have finished the Plan of Ritou Escape

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