Harmony s Odyssey First overflowing then sweet puzzle spa

Genre: Puzzle Adventure Developer: Mythicowl Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC Release: 2021

The first look at Harmony’s Odyssey is associated with a lot of stimulus flooding. The world only bubbles about colorful colors, cuddly sweet animals and exciting details. But although the optics first speaks for an action-packed gameplay, the game wants to be exactly the opposite: a relaxed pastime.

The individual worlds consist of dioramas who need to be refunded in classic puzzle manner. So you have to move individual fields to create a coherent area. The individual puzzles are not limited to one level, but can pull over several floors

That makes Harmony’s Odyssey so special

Harmony’s Odyssey reminds with its detailed dioramas to the worlds from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. But in contrast to Nintendo’s whispered fungoon friend you have no figure that you need to control. Rather, she ensures that the world itself is backed up again.

Especially the perspective change in the individual dioramas makes the puzzles so special. times you are in the midst of a city that looks at her from the bird’s eye view. Another time you have to load a kitchen wall again by moving the individual kitchen wall parts back to the right position. Overall, seven different biomes are waiting for you with their sliding puzzles.

The detailed biomes tell exciting stories that are hard to predict. After completing a puzzle, a small intermediate sequence that tells the story of the respective level. For example, a small, hare-like nature can arrive at a station with the lizard subway on a station, take the elevator into the upper floor and steal a cheese roll there. Although, when cheese steals, it should be a mouse rather, right?

The stories can again trigger new events. In addition to the sliding puzzles, smaller mini-games wait for you, in which, for example, you need to control a small hare mouse and maneuver through a labyrinth, without being seen by the Mummy guards. Who likes it easier for the Harmony’s Odyssey of course also the classic 2D sliding puzzle ready.

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For whom is Harmony’s Odyssey suitable?

If your fans of sliding puzzles are and hang out the classic 2D templates to the neck, you could have fun with Harmony’s Odyssey. Anyone looking for relaxation from the otherwise actionlastic titles and at the same time stands on the colorful look of the game is likely to find his inner peace.

However, if your patience thread should be as short as the waddle arms of the sweet penguin trio, you should make a bow around Harmony’s Odyssey. Even if the game offers some side effects, the sliding puzzle puzzles remain the main component of the game.

What do we like, what not?

Above all, the colorful look and the unique characters make the game something special. Each world is crowded with small details for which one has to take time to admire them.

However, it remains to be seen how extensive Harmony’s Odyssey will be and to what extent the individual levels will differ from each other.

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Assessment of the editors

Jasmine Taxes
@ kerona44

The look of Harmony’s Odyssey has moved me immediately in her spell. With every picture I saw from the game, my curiosity grew to the different levels. What has it with this rodent? Will the Minotaur ever drain from his smartphone? And: Can you please tell me the account name of the sweet penguin trio, which is constantly shooting selfies?

It remains to be seen what extent the full version of Harmony’s Odyssey will offer. But already it Kribbelt me ​​in the fingers to move and assemble the individual elements of the game worlds.

Are your fans of sliding puzzles?

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